Snapchat is Once Again Pivoting Back to News

Snap, parent company of Snapchat, is trying to do the whole 'social media platform tries to lure journalistic outfits into producing content for them' thing again, per a report in the Information on Tuesday. Read More >>

Snapchat Introduces New 3D Lens for Extra Snazzy Selfie Snaps

Snapchat is rolling out a new 3D camera mode although to make a 3D snap, you'll need to have an iPhone X or newer. Read More >>

SnapChat Rolls out a Bunch of New Features in Its AR Lens Studio so You Can Make Your Own Weird Shit

SnapChat is opening up its Lens Studio so that you can make your own weird and wonderful AR creations in the desktop app. Read More >>

Instagram is Reportedly Building a New Messaging App Named Threads

Instagram is working on a new messaging app called Threads “meant to promote constant, intimate sharing between users and their closest friends,” the Verge reported on Monday, in what seems like yet another attempt by a Facebook-owned property to edge in on Snapchat’s turf. Read More >>

Snapchat Glasses, Except Now Way More Expensive

It seems Snap just can’t give up its obsession with techy camera glasses. That’s because after losing a shedload of money trying (and failing) to sell its first Spectacles, and later following up with a second model to little fanfare, today, Snap announced the Spectacles 3, which are somehow uglier than ever and come with a serious price tag. Read More >>

Snapchat’s Bouncing Back?

Snap Inc. has been slowly righting its ship recently, stymying its nose-diving stocks prices and exodus of users. The Snapchat creator’s Q2 2019 earnings imply that things are looking up. Read More >>

SnapChat’s New Landmark Lens Primes Buckingham Palace for This Weekend’s Pride Celebrations

Pride month may be wrapping up but that's no reason to stop the party, as SnapChat demonstrates with its London Pride-themed Landmark Lenses. Read More >>

Average User Still Spending 38 More Minutes On Facebook Per Day Than They Should

Facebook, a company so heinous that it was cited by the United Nations as being complicit in genocide, is still the most popular social network in the world. But people are at least spending less time on the site these days. Read More >>

Snapchat Employees Allegedly Misused Internal Tools to Snoop on Users: Report

Existing online today means giving over a wealth of data. The hope is that the companies safeguarding it are doing so securely, but thousands of people work for these companies, and all it takes is a few bad actors with the right access to peep at some of your most intimate personal details. And, according to two former Snap employees who spoke with Motherboard, that’s exactly what happened at Snapchat. Read More >>

Snapchat’s Viral Garbage Machine Strikes Again

Snapchat filters—love’em or hate’em, about once a year one goes viral, floods your timeline, and you think to yourself, “Oh yeah, Snapchat still exists.” Read More >>

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Facebook Should Tell Kids When They’re Being Monitored, Says ICO

The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has released a list of 16 recommendations for social media platforms to use when designing for children, including turning off geolocation by default and letting them know when a parent is watching. Read More >>

Snapchat: Hi, Hello, I’m Still Here. Please Stay.

In a bid to remain relevant, Snap Inc. has launched a slew of new products for its Snapchat app, including an augmented reality (AR) developer platform and a games platform. Read More >>

MPs are After Snapchat’s ‘Addictive’ Streaks Now

I don't really understand Snapchat, and the layout of the app itself has always been rather confusing. But it's popular with the youth of today, and it's being scrutinised as a result. But rather than being scrutinised for data breaches, trying to ignore the spread of fake news or literal nazism, Snapchat is under some fire for its 'streaks' feature which some MPs reckon is too addictive for the kids to handle. Read More >>

Snap Reportedly Settled With Multiple Female Employees Who Said Layoffs Targeted Women

Two cost-cutting rounds of layoffs affected hundreds of Snap employees last year beginning in March. While the company, which owns Snapchat, maintains that the majority of these employees were men, a greater number of employees across some teams who worked directly with the company’s top brass and were laid off were women, the Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday. Read More >>

Snap is Now Slightly Less Screwed

Snap Inc., the company behind the Snapchat app and a failed line of wearable cameras, is slightly less fucked than it was before, according to Q4 2018 earnings released on Tuesday. Read More >>