TikTok Appears to Be Experimenting With a Bunch of Instagram-Like Features

TikTok, the wildly popular short-form video platform, appears to be testing a whole host of new features that seem to take a few cues from Instagram. Read More >>

Instagram Will Now Let You Know If Your Account Is Close to Being Yanked

Instagram’s recent rollouts of updates to its platform continues this week with two more changes around post and account take-downs, as well as a new process for appealing content deletion that it will expand in the coming months. Read More >>

Civil Rights Groups Mostly Unimpressed by New Twitter Policy Against ‘Dehumanising’ Language

Civil rights organisations were, somehow, both pleased and exasperated with Twitter last Tuesday after the social network announced the latest update to its rules against “hateful conduct,” a change characterised by the New York Times, which first broke the news, as a “scaling back” of the company’s policymaking to focus solely on banning speech “insulting and unacceptable if directed at religious groups.” Read More >>

Twitter Finally Redesigned its Website, Said No One

Well, folks, they managed to pull it off. Twitter has somehow made itself worse than it already was. Read More >>

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Everything Social Media Giants Banned in 2019 (That They Should Have Banned Ages Ago)

One of the more frequent annoyances of our modern world is the endless defences social media platforms make to sidestep their responsibilities to curb the myriad problems that arise solely because they exist. Every so often, one of them will pat themselves on the back for doing the Absolute Bare Minimum to amend an ongoing problem. Read More >>

Russian Coal Plant Tells Instagrammers to Please Stop Taking Selfies in Its Pollution-Filled Waste Dump

The turquoise water of a lake in Siberia looks like a tropical paradise, and it’s drawn in hundreds of Instagrammers who have posed in and around the “Novosibirsk Maldives.” But it’s not white sands or microscopic plankton that give the water its unusual hue. The “lake” is actually a human-made ash dump, used to store toxic byproducts from a power plant’s burned coal. Read More >>

Fraudsters Fish for Benefit Hack Victims on Social Media

Scammers have found a way to steal future income from those eligible for the new Universal Credit benefit, and are advertising their thievery as a form of "grant" people are eligible for on social media. Read More >>

Twitter Is Down, Which Must Be Why No One’s Liking My Sick Tweet

Continuing the summer of site outages... Twitter is now down. Both the mobile and web-based versions of Twitter are failing to load tweets, or even show like and retweet notifications. Read More >>

Google Can’t Quit Trying to Make New Social Networks

Google has never made a successful social network, but you have to give the company some credit for never giving up. After the shutdown of platforms like Orkut, Google Buzz, and Google+ (and the shuttering of messaging services like Allo and Google Wave) it appears that Google is testing out yet another social network, this one called Shoelace. Read More >>

Facebook’s Libra Project is Getting Hammered From All Sides

Facebook’s already-troubled Libra cryptocurrency project, which has already run into significant opposition among the U.S. House Committee on Financial Services and the Senate Banking Committee, is running headlong into further resistance from regulators. Read More >>

YouTube Announces Some Changes to its Infamously Awful Copyright Infringement System

The number of issues plaguing YouTube at any one time boggles the mind, and range from accusations it promotes extremist content to reports its nightmare algorithm recommended home videos of children to the paedophiles infesting its comments sections. One of the less overtly alarming but still widespread issues has been the shoddy state of its copyright infringement claims system, which report after report have repeatedly indicated is trivially abused to file false claims, extort creators, and generally make YouTubers’ lives hell. Read More >>

Mark Zuckerberg’s Head of Security Leaves Following Claims of Sexual Harassment and Racist Comments

More than a month after news broke that Mark Zuckerberg’s chief security officer, Liam Booth, had been accused of sexual misconduct and making racist and transphobic comments, he is now leaving his role with the Zuckerberg family’s private office. Despite the departure, a spokesperson for the office claims an investigation by an outside law office could not verify the allegations. Read More >>

Instagram Now Preemptively Shames People Before They Post Shitty Comments

Instagram is trying to make that much harder to be an arsehole on its platform – and even get arseholes to consider the error of their ways. Read More >>

Well, Well, Well

Seemingly every new day brings news of Facebook’s failure to adequately manage its products, be that due to privacy or security issues, the spread of misinformation or hate speech, or whatever the hell has been causing its string of recent crashes. But even as these issues have unfurled in recent years—some of them with dire consequences—Facebook appears to have been prioritising monitoring its own image and that of its top executives, including by keeping tabs on fantastical posts and memes related to CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Read More >>

Apple Cofounder Steve Wozniak Says Most People Should Get Off Facebook Permanently

Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak deleted his personal Facebook account last year and is now telling everyone else they should do the same. Woz was stopped by TMZ at the L.A. airport recently and warned that the lack of privacy on the platform isn’t worth it for most people, adding a warning more generally, “who knows if my cellphone is listening right now?” Read More >>