Unpleasant Person Wins Case Against Police Who Warned Him About His Transphobic Tweets

The high court ruled on Friday that police should not have visited a man who sent out “transphobic” tweets at his place of work and that they had a “substantial chilling effect” by doing so, the Guardian reported. Read More >>

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Government Asks Ofcom to Attempt to Regulate Social Content

Ofcom's about to be declared king of all the known internet, as the communications regulator is expected to be granted new powers to control the operations of the many social networks that are currently left to decide amongst themselves what to shrug and leave and what to delete. Read More >>

Why is Social Media So Addictive?

Social media is awful and whatever pleasures it confers in the form of mildly amusing memes or a fleeting sense of community/belonging are massively outweighed by its well-documented downsides whose psychic consequences are of interest to its owners only in the sense that past a certain threshold people might turn away from their platforms and cut off the endless stream of monetisable private data that sustain their business models and corrode conventional ideas about privacy, self-determination, etc. Read More >>

Instagram’s Made it Easier to Ditch Those Accounts You Don’t Know Why You Follow

Cleaning up your feed just became a little less daunting thanks to a new Instagram update that singles out accounts you forgot you ever followed in the first place. Read More >>

High School Teacher Holds Class by Videochat While in Coronavirus Quarantine

A high school math teacher in Australia who recently visited China has found a novel way to keep his students engaged while he sits in self-imposed quarantine over concerns that he visited a country with high concentrations of the new coronavirus. He’s conducting his class through videochat while sitting 5 miles away in his own home. Read More >>

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That Video of Farts Captured by Thermal Cameras Looking For Coronavirus is Totally Fake

Have you seen that viral video of people farting in public, captured by China’s thermal imaging cameras that are on the hunt for coronavirus? It’s completely fake. Read More >>

Alphabet Finally Discloses Size of YouTube’s Ad Business: Over £11.5 Billion in 2019

Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc. has disclosed how much YouTube’s advertising business rakes in for the first time, writing in filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission that the streaming giant made just shy of $15.15 billion (£11.5 billion) in ad revenue in fiscal year 2019. It made some $4.79 billion (£3.7 billion) of it in Q4 2019 alone. Read More >>

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Vine Successor Byte Will Dole Out Its Entire Ad Revenue to Creators Based on Views

After going live on iOS and Android last week, Vine’s successor, Byte, has dropped some more information that “partner programme” it’s been teasing since launch, basically its plan to pay users. None too soon, I’d wager, given the app – a video platform for six-second looping clips – has already become overrun with plenty of users thirsty for those follows. Read More >>

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How Online Platforms Are Tackling Coronavirus Misinformation

As the deadly coronavirus continues to wreak havoc in China and around the world, several social media kingpins are fighting the outbreak on a different front: by curbing the spread of misinformation and fake claims online amid a public health emergency. Read More >>

Google’s Latest Video App Tangi is TikTok for People Who Love Pinterest

Google has announced it’s launching an “experimental social video sharing app” called Tangi for short, 60-second tutorials. Read More >>

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Mark Zuckerberg to Somehow Become Even More Unlikable in the 2020s, Mark Zuckerberg Says

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has an ominous message for the rest of us: You may not like me, but you will understand me. Read More >>

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Vine Successor Byte Needs Everyone to Stop Being So Thirsty

Vine 2.0 is officially live, and it’s already crawling with users thirsty for those follows. Read More >>

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How to Build Alternative, Better, Social Media Feeds

If you can scroll through your social media feeds without coming across at least a handful of posts you’d rather not have seen, consider yourself in the minority. Most of us deal with this on a near-daily basis. But mass unfollowing people – friends, colleagues, family members – isn’t always an option. We’re here to tell you that there is another way. Read More >>

Instagram Is Testing a Tool That Will Let You Stealthily Send DMs at Work

Instagram is testing the ability for users to access their direct messages from the web, meaning that you may finally be able to send and share messages – on the low, of course – during work hours. Read More >>

Watch Out, Opportunity, Mark Zuckerberg Is About to Fuck You Up

On Thursday, Facebook overlord Mark Zuckerberg published his annual New Year’s resolution list. Last year, he promised to hold a series of public talks on issues posed by the tech industry (and boy, did he ever). Read More >>