First Leaked Photo of PS5 Dev Kit Shows It’s Every Bit as Weird-Looking as We Thought

The internet’s been speculating for months over the weirdly V-shaped PlayStation 5 prototype seen in patent documents and industrial designs purportedly linked back to Sony, but now it looks like we finally have a real, honest-to-goodness picture of the thing. Twitter user @Alcoholikaust posted an image this weekend showing two of the dev kits side by side along with the fitting caption, “PS5 anyone?” Read More >>

Black Friday Gives You £500 off a Sony 4K Camcorder You Probably Don’t Need, But are Tempted to Buy Anyway

When every top-tier smartphone lets you record video in 4K 60FPS video, there's rarely any need for a dedicated video camera - let alone one that costs £1,249 (and that's with an existing discount). But Black Friday has knocked £500 off such a device, and that means some of you will be tempted to buy it regardless of how much you actually need it. Read More >>

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Save £70 on The Playstation VR Mega Pack and Other PS4 Bundles Over on Amazon

VR is generally quite expensive, even if you choose not to go down the route of getting a big flashy gaming PC and one of the fancy headsets made by Oculus and HTC. But with Black Friday you can not only save money on Sony's much more affordable VR system, you can also grab a PS4 for a bit less too. Read More >>

You Can Now Buy Pretend Food for Your £2,200 Sony Robot Dog

There’s no denying the appeal of a robot dog. You get the companionship, the fun of playtime, and the pre-programmed loyalty without all the mess or expenses of feeding and maintenance. Unless you really want to feed your Aibo, in which case Sony will happily sell you make-believe virtual meals and treats that unlock fun “tricks” your $2900 (about £2,200, UK price TBA) soulless splurge can perform. Read More >>

Ben Mendelsohn Dunking on Every Marvel Hero That’s Not Spider-Man Is Exactly What We Needed Today

Remember that wild month where we all thought Spider-Man might not be in the MCU and everyone promptly got a bit wound up about it? Well, even if that ended up not being the case, it turns out no one might have kicked off more than Ben Mendelsohn. Read More >>

Sony’s AIBO Robo-Dog Could Be Trained to Operate Hitachi’s Smart Appliances for You

Most smart appliances can be remotely operated using an app, but for voice control, you usually need to add an intermediary like Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa. Sony thinks Aibo could fill that role too, in the company’s latest attempt to convince consumers to spend $2,900 (£2,261) on its robotic dog. Read More >>

Report: Venom 2 Is Diving Deep Into Symbiote Lore and Casting Naomie Harris as Shriek

Remember Shriek? You might not; the character, debuting in Marvel Comics in 1993, was created to be a love interest for Cletus Kassidy, aka Carnage. She’s a mutant with sound-manipulation abilities and a deep love for both killing and Carnage. And now we know who might be playing her in the Venom sequel. Read More >>

Sony Seems Ridiculously Proud of the PS5’s SSD

Wired has yet another exclusive look at the Sony PS5. Yesterday, Wired’s Peter Rubin detailed a recent visit to Sony’s California HQ where he checked out a dev console, played a few demos, and got a few more details on the PS5 – including release date and ray tracing facts. But the bulk of the piece – and seemingly the bulk of the message Sony is trying to convey – is that solid-state drives are brilliant. Read More >>

The PlayStation 5 Will Launch In Late 2020, And, Yes, It’s Called The PS5

Sony isn’t waiting for any more leaks. They revealed more details about the PlayStation 5 – and, yes, it will be called the PS5 – to Wired today as well as announcing more about the console on the company’s blog. Here’s the key info: Read More >>

The Sony Xperia 1 Is the Most Underappreciated Phone of 2019

It feels like 2019 has been all about moving towards phones with fancy features like bezel-free screens, foldable displays, or nifty in-display fingerprint readers. But the Xperia 1 has none of these things. With its sizeable forehead, extra tall 21:9 display, and a row of buttons and sensors running down its right side, the Xperia 1 looks lanky, maybe even a bit ungainly, like a teenager that just hit a growth spurt. Because of its slightly awkward appearance, a lot of people will never give this phone a chance. It’s a shame because the Xperia 1 might be the most underappreciated phone of 2019. Read More >>

Sony and Marvel Strike a New Deal to Keep Spider-Man in the MCU

After the shocking news that Marvel and Sony’s backroom deal to share the rights to one of the most popular superheroes in the world broke up last month, it seems the tumultuous saga is already over: the two studios have announced a new deal to co-produce a third entry in the Spider-Man: Homecoming series. Read More >>

J. Jonah Jameson and the 2019 Version of Spider-Man’s Daily Bugle Has Arrived

Spider-Man and the Daily Bugle go together like Superman and the Daily Planet or Iron Man and Stark Industries. It’s simply the place the hero always works. Well, considering digital media, YouTube, and so on are all the rage now, our “new” live-action J. Jonah Jameson had to get with the times. Read More >>

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Spider-Man’s Alter Ego, the Night Monkey, Gets the Official Trailer He Damn Well Deserves

When the whole Spider-Man controversy went down, one of the most common jokes was that Marvel should make a Night Monkey movie. After all, the Night Monkey was just Spider-Man in a different costume. No one would ever notice! That makes the below trailer, coincidental or not, even better than it already is. Read More >>

Harbinger Switches Studios, Putting a Valiant Cinematic Universe in Question

Bloodshot then Harbinger. Bloodshot then Harbinger. That had been the plan to kick off a Valiant Cinematic Universe for years. And while Bloodshot starring Vin Diesel is in the can and on its way for a 2020 release, that second piece of the puzzle just went in another direction. Read More >>