George Jenson, Production Illustrator for Return of the Jedi and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Has Died

You may not have heard of him, but his work is far more influential than you realise. Read More >>

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Lovely Children’s Book Tries to Figure Out What Scares Darth Vader (Answer: Not Much)

Lucasfilm just released a brand new Star Wars book following the adventures of Darth Vader. But this book won’t give you any insight into Jedi mythology or the man once known as Anakin Skywalker. It’s a children’s book and, in fact, the first Star Wars picture book not tied to a cinematic film. Read More >>

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The New Star Wars Canon Desperately Needs More Books Like Tales From the Mos Eisley Cantina

The world of Star Wars was aflutter recently with drama about the future of Star Wars movie spinoffs that maybe-don’t-but-actually-do-oh-who-knows-anymore exist. But amid all that, one rumour of great interest focused on alleged plans for a spinoff film set in Mos Eisley Spaceport. It sounds silly, but it could’ve been a great idea. Read More >>

Time to Celebrate One of the Best-Loved Modern Pop Culture Artists

You may not know the name Matt Ferguson, but odds are you know his art. Ferguson has made popular art for Marvel, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, every gallery, every big poster company, and so much more. You may have been handed one of his posters if you went to the opening night of a popular movie in recent months and, famously, he mashed up Star Wars and Guardians of the Galaxy with memorable results. Now, he’s getting a celebratory retrospective exhibit. Read More >>

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A Handy Guide to All the Star Wars Projects That Are Potentially in the Works Right Now

As you might be surprised to hear, there’s a bit of Star Wars drama going on right now (this franchise? Drama? Well I never!), with rumours swirling that a whole bunch of Star Wars spinoffs are allegedly on hold as Lucasfilm refocuses its future plans for the galaxy far, far away. So what do we actually know is on the way? Read More >>

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Rian Johnson Hilariously Endorses Fan Remake of The Last Jedi

Twitter was abuzz this morning when news of a “fan remake” of Star Wars: The Last Jedi went viral. Then the man behind The Last Jedi put the cherry on top of the fun. Read More >>

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Star Wars’ Ships Have Terrible Aerodynamic Designs

When you’re flying around in space, where there’s no air or wind resistance, aerodynamics aren’t important. That’s why the Star Trek Borg ship is just a giant cube and still works just fine. But when ships are also visiting planets with atmospheres, aerodynamics do come into play — and apparently neither the Rebels nor the Empire in Star Wars know the first thing about properly designing flying vehicles. Read More >>

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Report: The Star Wars Story Films Are Being Put On Hold

After the disappointing box office of Solo: A Star Wars Story, a new report says Lucasfilm has put all future Star Wars Story standalone movies on hold. That means, at least for now, no Boba Fett movie, no Obi-Wan movie, and no Solo spinoffs. Read More >>

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Report: There May Be as Many as Nine Star Wars Movies in Development

According to one actor involved in the Star Wars franchise, there is a lot going on. Read More >>

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Natalie Portman Is Willing to Meet Her Deadbeat Star Wars Son, Who Never Force-Calls

Last weekend, Mark Hamill decided to mark Natalie Portman’s birthday with a shocking revelation for Star Wars fans: Luke Skywalker has never met his mother Padmé: Read More >>

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George Lucas’ Ideas for His Own Star Wars Sequel Trilogy Aren’t as Wild as They First Seem

The internet has been abuzz recently thanks to a few very intriguing quotes from George Lucas, addressing where the director would’ve taken the Star Wars saga if he had not sold Lucasfilm to Disney in 2012. But while on the surface Lucas’ ideas sound wild, in some ways they’re just a different spin on ideas we’re getting in the current movies. Read More >>

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You Can Build This Cardboard Darth Vader Costume in Less Time Than It Takes to Watch Star Wars

When October 30th rolls around, you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on a memorable, last-minute Halloween costume that will just end up hanging in the back of your closet the rest of the year. A Japanese stationery brand has created a cheap, build-it-yourself cardboard alternative that still looks like you spent a lot of time on your Darth Vader costume. Read More >>

There are Some New Lego Star Wars Sets Coming Later This Year

Star Wars is one of the flagship franchises in Lego's portfolio, and with all the films coming out you better believe it's going to take advantage and try to flog us some new sets. Wile we've already had a lot of new Lego hit shop shelves over the past several months, more are on the way and should be arriving later this year. Read More >>

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Talented Hacker Turns Amazon’s Alexa Into Lando’s Sass-Talking L3-37 Droid

One of the best parts of Solo: A Star Wars Story is Lando Calrissian’s piloting droid, L3-37, who’s been uniquely pieced together and upgraded from parts of other droids. Patrick Stefanski has essentially done the same thing to turn Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant into a desktop version of L3-37 who answers to your beck and call. Read More >>