Facebook Stock Hits All-Time Record High Despite Ongoing Screw-Ups

Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal, in which the social media giant gave access to the data of up to 87 million users to an app partnered with an ultra-sketchy election data firm, still isn’t totally resolved, with news breaking this week investigators from four agencies are looking into Facebook’s conduct. But all the negative attention the site has received this year has apparently failed to blunt its momentum. Read More >>

Things Are Going Insanely Well for Elon Musk Since Trump Got Elected

Tesla Motors shares have surged more than 40 per cent since December as Bloomberg notes in a new report. The price of Tesla stock isn’t the only thing looking dandy for Elon Musk under the Trump presidency. Read More >>

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is Giving $200M of His Twitter Stock to Staff

Twitter’s new CEO Jack Dorsey has enough cash to go round. So much so, in fact, that he’s announced that he’s giving one-third of his stock holdings in the social media company to his employees. Read More >>

Danish and US Sperm Coming Over Here, Impregnating Our Women

Sperm from Denmark and the US is flooding into the UK, as overseas gunk is shipped in to meet demand. Nearly one quarter of UK sperm stocks is sourced from overseas, as the local supply continues to dry up. Read More >>

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How High Speed Traders Use Microwaves to Make Money

The days of traders shouting orders on the New York Stock Exchange's floor may soon be over. A new breed of investing, known as High Frequency Trading, has taken hold of the equities market—one that relies on computerization and automation to exploit momentary price changes for an investor's financial gain. And where latency is the primary measure of success, calculated in milliseconds, fibre might not even be fast enough. But that's where the microwave radios come in. Read More >>

Desperate For an iPhone 5? You Can Buy One Right Now For Horrendous Sums

The Hong Kong grey import/export market is going to make even more money than Apple from the launch of iPhone 5, with limited stocks of Apple's new phone already on sale in Hong Kong for approaching £700 a pop. Read More >>

Software Glitch Costs Trading Firm £290 Million In 45 Minutes

Knight Capital lost £280 million in a flash on Wednesday when newly installed trading software went haywire. That's nearly double the company's second quarter revenue, and could be enough to sink Knight for good. Read More >>