Sky’s £15 Now TV Smart Stick Goes on Sale Tomorrow

Last month Sky announced that it was launching a £15 Now TV streaming stick, the cheapest device of its kind in the UK. Today Sky has announced that the Smart Stick will be available from retailers tomorrow and direct from Sky itself on Monday (26th February). Read More >>

YouTube Promoted a Conspiracy Theory Following a Mass Shooting, Again

Earlier today, a video appearing in YouTube’s trending videos feed, meant to surface the most popular content to the platform’s estimated 1 billion users, featured content suggested a survivor of the Florida school shooting was a “crisis actor.” The term is used in conspiracy circles to describe someone paid to pretend they’d been involved in a life-threatening situation for ideological reasons, such as anti-gun lobbying. It’s unclear how long it remained available before YouTube took the video down. Read More >>

Danish Man Convicted of Telling Web Users Where to Download Popcorn Time

A Danish man has been handed down a six-month conditional sentence for merely sharing information about Popcorn Time, the once-popular torrent-based streaming client that was targeted for extermination by copyright lawsuits . Read More >>

Report: The Netflix Deal Saved Cloverfield Paradox From Being a Total Disaster

A new report shows Netflix may have paid at least $50 million to secure the rights to The Cloverfield Paradox, a move that reportedly kept Paramount happy and managed to rescue a film that was in danger of collapsing at the box office. Read More >>

This Browser Tool Lets You Remix Spotify’s Recommendation Algorithm

A new browser tool lets Spotify Premium users fool around with the music streaming platform’s famous recommendation algorithm. Arielle Vaniderstine, an engineer at the company, posted a link to Glitch on Monday of a beta build of the tool. Read More >>

Of Course HomePod Will Only Support Apple-Owned Audio Services

Apple's HomePod is a little late to the smart speaker party, particularly compared to Amazon and Google, but it sounds like that's the least of the devices issues. Not only is it rather expensive, Apple's come out and revealed that the speaker won't be supporting any third-party audio services. Read More >>

VLC for Android *Finally* Gets Some Form of Chromecast Support

Chromecast was a big deal when it arrived four and a half years ago, since it meant you could smarten up you TV on the cheap using your phone, tablet, or PC. Nowadays it's not so special, but it's finally getting one feature it's been lacking all these years: support from VLC. Read More >>

School Accidentally Shows Children What Mr & Mrs Brown do When Paddington’s Asleep

This isn't funny. I'm a dad and trust me, this is definitely not funny. I'm writing this with the same grim, determined face I put on when the wife shows me an allegedly amusing video on Reddit. But, at the same time, it sort of is funny, because you can only imagine the horrific meetings going on right now between staff and parents of children attending Croft Academy in Walsall, after pornography was somehow inserted into a primary school viewing of Paddington. Read More >>

Bigger Streaming Royalties Sound Like Trouble for Spotify

The review panel in charge of setting rates for songwriter’s royalties reportedly issued the biggest rate increase for artists in its history over the weekend — a 40 percent hike. For the music streaming industry, which runs on thin margins, this could be an issue. For Spotify, a price increase for users could be inevitable, but the company has yet to respond to the news. Read More >>

It Will Take More Than Just Tips to Get Gamers Streaming on Facebook Live

When it comes to streaming platforms for gamers, Facebook Live is often an afterthought. Sites like Twitch, YouTube, or Mixer already do a much better job of hosting gaming content, which is precisely the problem Facebook is trying to address with its new gaming creator pilot program. Read More >>

Why You Should Still Be Buying Digital Downloads

Music streaming is the future, apparently, which means the digital download had a bright and brief existence—lasting from the end of the 1990s to (presumably) the end of the 2010s. But before you erase all your carefully collected MP3s from the disk and close down the iTunes Store for the last time, we’ve got some very good reasons why you shouldn’t. Read More >>

YouTube Is Asking Promoted Musicians to Sign Non-Disparagement Agreements

YouTube is asking musicians who have signed up for a new partnership programme in which it provides big-ticket funding for videos and promotional support to sign sweeping non-disparagement agreements, Bloomberg reported on Tuesday. Read More >>

Netflix and Spotify are a Threat, Not a Solution to File Sharing, Claims Pirate Bay Co-Founder

For a lot of people, piracy is an option because content creators don't seem willing to make their content easily and affordably available. That's why streaming services, like Netflix, Amazon, Spotify, and so on are so appealing. The monthly subscription fee gives you unlimited access to a catalogue of content that you can enjoy free from any guilt that you're breaking the law. Read More >>

Sky Hands Man an £85,000 Bill After Boxing Match is Streamed on Facebook

There are a lot of consequences for piracy, though these days they tend to be aimed at the people who make it possible rather than those of us who take part. People hosting servers, managing streams, and so on. Rights holders naturally don't like them, so do whatever they can to punish them once they get caught. Read More >>

Amazon Might be Ready to Bid for Premier League Streaming Rights

The Premier League is the most popular spectator sport in the world, with people all over the world tuning in to watch British teams kick a ball around a field. It's no surprise that the rights to show those games are quite sought after, but the competition might get a bit more heated because Amazon is supposedly interested in the streaming rights. Read More >>