Spotify Mashes Music and Short Podcasts Into a New Playlist for Your Miserable Commute

Hot off the heels of releasing its standalone Stations app, Spotify is leaning even harder into that whole ‘reinvent the radio’ vibe. This week, the music streaming company released a new playlist called “Your Daily Drive” that uses an algorithm to mash together short-form podcasts and music. Read More >>

I Played Doom on a Chromebook

There’s a lot we still don’t know about Google’s forthcoming streaming game service Stadia, and we won’t know some of it until it’s available in the wild. But in a controlled demo of Stadia at E3, I was treated to a solid experience, as well as some fresh information about how the company plans to deliver Stadia to people with bad internet. And even better, I played the latest and greatest Doom right on a Pixelbook. No weird hacks. No fussy apps. Just me and a whole bunch of monsters on Mars. Read More >>

Why Seemingly Every Company Is Launching a Gaming Subscription Now

Much in the way that streaming has too many damn options now, gaming services are flooding the market as companies increasingly position themselves to compete for attention over singular domination of an entertainment medium. Netflix, for example, disclosed in an earnings report earlier this year that it viewed itself as competing with “Fortnite more than HBO.” If a recent survey is to be believed, they may be on to something. Read More >>

I Touched the xCloud: An Incredibly Early Look at Microsoft’s Vision for the Future of Games

While Google has already held two splashy events about Stadia, its big bet on streaming games, Microsoft, has been a little more lowkey about its own streaming game initiative, xCloud. We still don’t know a whole lot about it, but today I got to play it—and watch it break. Read More >>

Why It Still Matters Which Music Streaming Service You Sign Up For

Take a look at the music streaming services of the moment and you’d be forgiven for not seeing any major differences: They all offer access to around 50 million tracks on demand, they all give you recommended mixes of music, they all let you sync tunes to your phone for offline listening, and so on. So does it matter which one you pick? Read More >>

Watching Gwyneth Paltrow Realise in Real Time She Was in Spider-Man: Homecoming Is the Delight You Need Today

You know how it is, in between days of shilling scientifically dubious lifestyle methods to women and filming cameos for Marvel movie after Marvel movie. They all blur together to the point that you just don’t have a clue where you’ll eventually show up. Read More >>

The Swamp Thing TV Show Has Been Cancelled

DC Universe’s Swamp Thing series from executive producer James Wan has reportedly been cancelled after just one episode. Read More >>

Black Mirror Continues the Trend of Making Teenage Girls the Punchline

Black Mirror dives into teen stardom with “Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too,” an overall OK episode that I’d feel stronger about if it didn’t pair its futuristic tech with an outdated vision of teenage girls. Read More >>

Google Stadia Is Coming: Games, Latency, Crossplay, Speed Requirements, and More

YouTube is rightfully under fire this week, but that’s not stopping Google from finally giving us all the details about its next big streaming service. Stadia, Google’s big play to define the next epoch of gaming, was officially announced back in March, but the March event was frustratingly devoid of details. Now we have them. Read More >>

I Didn’t Even Know I Needed Spotify’s New App, but Damn

Yesterday, Spotify introduced a simplified, radio-only version of its app for U.S. users called Spotify Stations. And somewhere, Pandora Radio executives probably let out a beleaguered groan. Read More >>

A Jurassic World Animated Series From Dreamworks Is Stomping Its Way to Netflix

In the Jurassic Park franchise, humans have never had the common sense to learn from their past mistakes and stop trying to genetically engineer dinosaurs. That’s why, whenever something goes wrong at the park, people end up getting killed. But a little loss of life has never been enough to stop the capitalist machine, and in Netflix’s new animated series Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous, we’ll be introduced to InGen’s latest go at turning a Dino-safari into a grand, moneymaking opportunity. Read More >>

Apple’s Latest Original Series Shows What Could Have Happened if the USSR Hit the Moon First

The Space Race pretty much ended when NASA landed a man on the moon, and since then Humanity has done fuck all in terms of manned exploration of the Solar System. But what if the Soviets got there first? Apple's latest original show takes a look. Read More >>

The Russo Brothers’ Next Project Is a Magic: The Gathering Animated Series for Netflix

The planes of one of the biggest card games in the world are heading to streaming—and the men behind Earth’s Mightiest Heroes at Marvel Studios are bringing it to life. Read More >>