Roku is Hosting Anti-Vaxxer and Covid-19 Conspiracy Theories

You won’t find HBO Max on Roku, but you can watch Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe. As if the conspiracy theory hokum pervading social media wasn’t bad enough, Roku has been hosting content that’s promoting misinformation about vaccines, autism, and the current covid-19 pandemic. Read More >>

umbrella academy
Umbrella Academy’s Ellen Page on Giving Vanya Space to Open Up

The Netflix series is pivoting into a markedly different direction than the Dark Horse comics series it’s based on. Where Umbrella Academy's initial comic arc left Vanya (Ellen Page in the series) quite incapacitated thanks to a gunshot, the TV show ended its first season with Vanya gunshot-free. Read More >>

Ridley Scott’s Raised By Wolves is About to Become Your Most Anticipated Sci-Fi Show

When director Ridley Scott does anything, we take notice. When he does something sci-fi, we get excited. And when he directs a sci-fi television show we can watch in a few short weeks? We damn near froth at the mouth. Read More >>

Cinemas Can’t Catch a Break as US Judge Hands More Control to Studios

Cinemas have been royally screwed by the global pandemic, and in the latest blow, a federal judge has given the go-ahead to axe the 71-year-old Paramount Consent Decrees, which should elicit shrieks of horror for the four of you who have any idea what that is. Read More >>

Apple Is Denying Consumers Cloud Gaming, Microsoft Claims

Microsoft has stopped mincing words, and in a statement shared with Gizmodo, claims that Apple is entirely to blame for the lack of cloud gaming apps and subscription services on iOS. Read More >>

Disney is Launching Yet Another Streaming Service

How many streaming platforms do we need? At least one more, according to Disney. Read More >>

Here are Some More Puppets Coming to the Spitting Image Revival

Back in March, BritBox announced that it would be launching its first original programme: a revival of the puppet-fuelled satire Spitting Image. We already saw a bunch of the puppets when the series was announced, but now a few more images have been released - presumably to drum up hype. Read More >>

8 TV Shows to Remind You of When Game of Thrones Was Good

It’s almost surreal to go back and remember when Game of Thrones was the best show on television. It was the topic of every water cooler conversation and jumpstarted a new era in fantasy television. Nowadays, its legacy is marred by how the series ended but there are plenty of TV shows to bring that spark back. Read More >>

Netflix Adds Playback Speed Settings, So Now I Can Burn Through My Backlog 1.5 Times Faster

I’m about to blow through The Umbrella Academy season 2 in record time, you guys. Read More >>

Toss Some Treats at These 10 Heroic Horror Dogs

Dogs are a constant presence in scary movies, but they usually either meet tragic ends (RIP, Lester in Halloween) or are part of the horror (see: Cujo, The Omen, The Thing, Dracula’s Dog). By contrast, this list collects only good horror canines – who actually make it to the end credits. Read More >>

10 Good Boy Monsters From TV and Movies

You don’t have to be a traditional pupper to be a Good Boy. These monsters, undead creatures, and otherworldly forces have some of the biggest hearts out there – along with the most rub-able tummies. Read More >>

These TV Companies’ Comic-Con Livestreams Went Dark Thanks to Their Own Copyright Claims

It wouldn’t be a virtual event without a few technical difficulties. Though I can’t imagine the media giants showcasing at San Diego Comic-Con’s online event were worried about copyright violations affecting their panels. Considering, you know, they’re the ones that own the copyright. Read More >>

Nick Frost and Simon Pegg’s Ghost Hunting Comedy Has Dropped Its First Trailer

When Nick Frost and Simon Pegg team up, the results are usually very good. That’s one of the many reasons why we’re pumped for Truth Seekers, the latest creation from the stars of Spaced, Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, The World’s End, and Paul. Read More >>

Showcase Cinemas Now Has its Own Streaming Service

We really didn't need any more streaming sites, but the news that Showcase Cinemas has started its own one has nonetheless given us a little bit of nostalgic glee. Read More >>

The Old Guard Turns Immortality Into Something Worth Living For

Director Gina Prince-Bythewood’s adaptation of Image Comics’ The Old Guard, by Greg Rucka and Leandro Fernández, is a movie that asks you to really reflect on what it is about superheroes and their stories that keeps us coming back. Rather than fully trying to reinvent the comic book movie, The Old Guard instead takes hallmarks of the genre and uses them to explore the ruminative, emotional elements of the hard-boiled heroic archetype. Read More >>