Of Course John Cho Gets to Be ‘Super Fucking Cool’ in Cowboy Bebop

Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop adaptation has seen its share of delays, and not just because of the novel coronavirus. Last October, star John Cho suffered a knee injury that set the production back at least seven months. But according to the adaptation’s co-writer Javier Grillo-Marxuach, replacing Cho was absolutely out of the question. Because John Cho is Spike Spiegel. Read More >>

How to Watch Classic Simpsons in the Original 4:3 Aspect Ratio on Disney+

A lot of people were excited by the news that Disney+'s UK catalogue would feature 30 seasons of The Simpsons, only to have their hopes dashed by the fact they featured classic episodes in their 'remastered' 16:9 aspect ratio. Since the originals were shown in 4:3 it meant that chunks of the frames ended up being cut, and with them a number of visual gags that The Simpsons is known for. Read More >>

It Seems Like Apple TV+ Wants to Be the New HBO

As HBO pivots to whatever it’s trying to achieve with its messy streaming service that's just launched in the US, Apple appears to be shopping for content and talent to help make it a standout giant in quality streaming. Read More >>

How Netflix’s Space Force Acts Like a Parallel Universe to Our Own

Fans looking to blame something or someone that the American version of The Office hasn’t returned need only look to the stars. In the seven years since that show’s end, its creator and executive producer Greg Daniels has been working almost solely on shows with space or sci-fi themes. His latest show, Netflix’s Space Force, reunites him with Office star Steve Carell and Gizmodo recently had the chance to ask him about it. Read More >>

star wars
The First Star Wars Game Show is Coming and the Trailer is Here

Next week, every Star Wars fan will wish they were a kid again. Read More >>

the dark tower
Amazon’s Scrapped Dark Tower Series Sounds Intriguing as Hell

When The Dark Tower movie bombed, one could assume that it would’ve been the end of a Dark Tower television show based on Stephen King’s famous series. In reality, the failure of the film only strengthened the vision of the TV series. A series that, unfortunately, will now never see the light of day. Read More >>

The Period Sci-Fi Drama The Vast of Night Has a Fascinating Origin Story

There’s no way The Vast of Night is made by a first-time filmmaker. There’s just no way. It’s so beautifully constructed. So expertly shot. So tactfully acted. It’s the work of a talent with years and years of experience under their belt, right? Wrong. And we had a chance to speak with the person behind it all. Read More >>

black mirror
Now’s the Time to Rewatch Black Mirror’s ‘Striking Vipers’

Charlie Brooker was quite right when he said that now really isn’t the time for new episodes of Black Mirror. But the fact that so many of us are self-isolating at home in the midst of a pandemic that’s made it so we can’t physically touch one another makes now a particularly excellent time to go back and (re)watch “Striking Vipers,” the first episode in Black Mirror’s fifth series. Read More >>

The Free Edinburgh Fringe Launches Online Video Portal

The Free Edinburgh Fringe part of the summer comedy proceedings within the Scottish city are to go online, in a way, promising to broadcast the sets of "six prominent comedians" via Twitch streams. Read More >>

Star Trek: Enterprise’s Must-Watch Episodes

It’s time to go back even further than the beginning: we're charting Star Trek’s furthest-flung prequel. Read More >>

TV Licence Charges for the Over-75s Back on for August

The introduction of paid TV licences for older folk who used to get access to the BBC for nothing is back on, with the broadcaster's director general saying the brown-letter demands may start hitting the tidy door mats of the nation's most senior citizens this August. Read More >>

Netflix Tells Subscribers to Use It or Lose It

Netflix is planning to purge its service of subscribers whose accounts are no longer actively being used – but you may have a chance to save your precious streaming data if you resubscribe before it’s wiped. Read More >>

watch this
Charlize Theron Will Never Die in The Old Guard’s Kick-Ass First Trailer

No matter what kills the heroes of Gina Prince-Bythewood’s upcoming adaptation of Greg Rucka and Leandro Fernández’s comic book The Old Guard, their inexplicable ability to heal ensures that they always rise back up from the dead ready and willing to take out anyone dumb enough to fight them. The movie’s first trailer lays out essentially their entire story, and it looks like this telling is going to be an absolute bloodbath. Read More >>

the simpsons
Disney+ Will Finally Fix Classic Simpsons on May 28

In a week, you’ll be able to watch standard definition Simpsons as technology and the TV gods intended: the boxy might of the 4:3 aspect ratio. Read More >>