Swatch Wins Rights to Trademark That Definitely Doesn’t Resemble One of Apple’s Most Famous Slogans

The Apple Watch might have taken a big bite out of The Swatch Group’s market share, which owns luxury timepiece brands like Tissot and Omega. But the Switzerland-based company recently countered with a small victory over Apple when a Swiss court ruled in Swatch’s favour over the use of its “Tick different” slogan; which is similar to Apple’s memorable “Think Different” advertising campaign. Read More >>

Swatch’s New Analogue Watch Will Let You Make Contactless Payments

You’re looking at Swatch’s new Bellamy watch. It’s a simple-looking analogue timepiece, without an LED screen, mobile OS or computational brain. What it does contain is an NFC chip that will allow you to make contactless payments using the otherwise non-smart device. Read More >>

Swatch Boss Has Smartwatches But Seems Oddly Unconvinced by the Trend

The CEO of smart (as in tidy) watch company Swatch has outlined his plans for the future of the other kind of smartwatch, suggesting there are loads in the pipeline to appeal to all the different demographics. Not just nerdy men who pretend to be into activity tracking. Read More >>

Swatch Wants to Fix the Biggest Problem With Smartwatches

Swatch is normally a company associated with duty-free shops and 12-year-old’s birthday presents. It’s not a leader in the smartwatch market. In fact, it’s not actually in the smartwatch market. But apparently, it’s months away from solving the biggest problem with wrist computers: the battery. Read More >>

A Swatch Touchscreen Watch that Gets Smarter With its Fitness Tracking

Rumours of Swatch making a smartwatch of its own were recently confirmed to Gizmodo by the firm, but we just don't have any idea of when that will actually happen. So if you're tired of waiting to strap a genuine smart Swiss watch to your wrist, Swatch has just upgraded its touchscreen Swatch Touch with the slightly smarter Swatch Touch Zero One that just might tide you over for now. Read More >>

Swatch’s Cheapest Self-Winding Watch Dials in on New Looks

Good things come to those who wait. And if the designs of the first round of Swatch's innovative Sistem51 didn't ring your bell, the Swiss watchmaker has announced five new designs that will be arriving soon, including versions with more classic and cleaner watch faces. Read More >>

How Much Longer do I Have to Wait for a Wonderful Self-Winding Swatch?

It has been nearly a year since Swatch announced it's innovative Sistem51 watch. It's a self-winding timepiece that has only has 51 parts. Forget smartwatches, get this simple dumbness on my wrist right now. Read More >>