The Galaxy Tab S7 Looks Like It Has Everything You Could Want in an Android Tablet

Samsung’s last two flagship Android tablets-the Galaxy Tab S4 and Tab S6 – were fine devices but couldn’t really hang with competitors like the iPad Pro or Surface Pro. But for the Tab S7, Samsung is looking to change that by cramming in practically every feature you could ever need on an Android Tablet (and maybe even a few you didn’t even know you wanted). Read More >>

Apple Arcade vs Google Play Pass: Which is the Best Netflix for Apps?

Apple and Google are going head-to-head in just about everything now – maps, mobile operating systems, smart speakers, browsers, cloud storage, phones, etc. But here we’ll be taking a look at the all-you-can-eat app subscription services offered by the two tech giants – which one is the better deal? Read More >>

How to Find Out Which Apps and Websites You’re Most Addicted To

Where does all your time go? At least when it comes to the hours you spend on your phone and your computer, this isn’t a rhetorical question. There are plenty of tools out there will track and monitor your time automatically, telling you exactly which apps and sites are sucking up your precious minutes. Read More >>

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7’s Specs Have Leaked

We've known for a while now that Samsung is going to launch the Galaxy Tab S7 and S7 Plus at Galaxy Unpacked on the 5th of August, but a new leak means there'll be even fewer surprises on the day. Read More >>

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Leaks Again

This week, we exclusively revealed that Samsung will be unveiling two new tablets at Galaxy Unpacked on the 5th of August, per our very reliable source. Read More >>

Exclusive: Samsung Has Two More Galaxy Tablets Coming, With the iPad Pro in Their Sights

When it comes down to tablets, nobody has really been able to go toe to toe with Apple. Maybe it's because tablets are dumb, and the iPad is only going because of the Apple logo on the back? That's my guess anyway, but regardless of what one dude on the internet thinks it seems as though every company has been dead set on trying to get a leg up on Apple's tablet dominance. Read More >>

Apple’s Walled Garden Could Grow Higher

Apple has finally announced its long-rumoured transition away from Intel chips and will now make its own homegrown CPUs based on the ARM architecture for future Macs. The company’s goal is to shed its dependence on Intel so that it can control even more of its production and development pipeline. It’s an interesting move at an even more interesting time, given that Apple CEO Tim Cook has also finally agreed to testify on Capitol Hill in a Big Tech antitrust hearing. Just last month, the European Union opened its own antitrust probe into Apple and its App Store. The company is being investigated and criticised for its near-perfect execution of vertical integration more than ever before, just as it’s taking its biggest step toward its grand vision of vertical integration in nearly 15 years. Read More >>

e ink
This Could Finally Be the Year of E Ink, Seriously

Picture this: a screen that doesn’t give you eye fatigue after staring at it for a long period of time, lasts for weeks on a single charge, and offers glorious full colour. Read More >>

Microsoft Surface Book 3 Review: Big Specs, Big Price

Aside from a couple USB port changes, you might not be able to tell the difference between Microsoft’s latest Surface Book and its past iterations. They look nearly identical side-by-side. Same keyboard layout. Chassis colour. The screen/tablet portion still disconnects from the base. Even the clamshell hinge still has that accordion-look to it. What mainly sets the Surface Book 3 apart from its predecessors is what’s under the hood, and in this case, it’s an Intel Core i7-1065G7 processor and Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti Max-Q graphics card – both current-gen parts and more than enough power to see you through your work day and then play some games once the clock hits 5 PM. It’s a dang fine machine, but it’s pricey, and most people probably won’t need or use all the versatility it offers. Read More >>

Samsung’s Tab S6 Lite is the Cheap Tablet You Need

Let’s be honest: There’s nothing exciting about basic tablets anymore. I don’t mean those fancy (and pricey!) convertible tablets like the iPad Pro, which can double as a slate and a laptop. I’m talking about the kind of tablet that lives in your living room (probably on a coffee table) that you use to surf the web while watching TV, give to kids to keep them entertained, or maybe even take with you on a vacation (remember those?). But just because they’re boring doesn’t mean they’re unnecessary, because a lot of people use their basic tablets to control smart home gadgets, manage budgets or grocery lists, and stay connected with friends and family. With the new Tab S6 Lite, Samsung has made a solid, no-frills tablet for a reasonable price. Read More >>

iPadOS vs Windows vs Chrome OS: Which is the Best Tablet Experience Right Now?

If you’re choosing a new tablet, or a new tablet that can turn into a laptop if you attach a keyboard to it, then you’ve got three choices: iPadOS, Windows, or ChromeOS. One dedicated tablet OS, recently split from the iPhone, and two converted desktop OSes doing double duty on tablets. Which one is best for you? Read More >>

Amazon Revamps Its Fire HD 8 Range Making It an Affordable iPad Alternative

Amazon has updated its line of 8-inch tablets, announcing a speedier line-up with beefed up storage to boot. Read More >>

What Is LiDAR and Why Would You Want It on Your Phone?

It’s in the new iPad Pro tablets, it’s rumoured to be coming to the iPhone 12 and a form of it has been appearing in Android phones for the last few years. What exactly is LiDAR, and why would you want it in a mobile device? Here we’ll take you through what the tech does, all of the ways it can be deployed, and why it might soon become as common as cameras in smartphones. Read More >>

Microsoft’s Surface Go 2 Shows Up in US Federal Communications Commission Filings

While the iPad gets most of the public’s attention when it comes to tablets, Microsoft’s Surface Go remains one of the most underrated hybrid tablets. Now, based on some recent US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) filings, it appears a Surface Go 2 could be on its way. Read More >>