A UK Internet Sales Tax Could Arrive to Salvage the National Overdraft

The long-suggested online sales tax may be arriving soon to bother UK-facing multinationals, as our political leaders look for ideas that generate a bit of cash and also stand a chance of cheering up the nation's newly cordoned off shopkeepers. Read More >>

Even Apple Gives Amazon Tax Breaks

A couple of years back, Amazon’s streaming service, Prime Video, was nowhere to be found on Apple’s streaming devices – that is, until late 2017, when the company announced that Amazon’s Prime Video app would finally debut on Apple TV. What broke the stalemate? Well, we finally know. Read More >>

Apple Paid Hardly Any UK Tax Last Year Despite £1bn+ in Sales

Apple Retail UK has filed its accounts with Companies House, and the figures are kind of vexing. Read More >>

Government Thinkers Say Raise Car Fuel Taxes to Subsidise EVs

A group of MPs hopefully bicycling to meetings under the Committee on Climate Change banner have suggested starting a new tax war on private cars, hinting that now's the time to start boosting fuel duty once again; seeing as the coronavirus crunch has helped smash the global price of oil. Read More >>

US Launches Investigation into ‘Unfair’ UK and EU Digital Services Tax

The US is still not happy about the digital services tax being rolled out in the UK and Europe that takes aim at tech giants, saying it's 'unfair' and 'discriminatory' and is launching a formal investigation into the matter, that could result in retaliatory measures concerning trade or tariffs. Read More >>

France is Barrelling Ahead With Its Digital Tax This Year With or Without an International Deal

France is among the list of countries set to impost a digital services tax this year that will affect tech giants like Google, Facebook, and Amazon, and the country has said it will forge ahead with it anyway in the absence of an international deal. Read More >>

BBC Suggests Utility Bill Levy as Possible Licence Fee Replacement

The BBC is throwing ideas out there that address how it might survive should the licence fee get axed in the future, and one idea emerging as a front runner is the addition of a levy to an existing utility bill. Because some other countries fund their state broadcasters this way and it makes payment almost entirely inescapable. Read More >>

Council Tax Reform is Needed to Mirror North/South Property Divide

The independent thinkers at the Institute for Fiscal Studies have taken aim at council tax in its latest update on what it thinks we should all do when/if we stop fighting over the last four-pack of Soft Soothe Super Quilted Scented Six-Ply, and suggests that a reform – or at least a nationwide reevaluation of property values – is needed to address the north/south house price divide that's mushroomed in the decades since the tax was introduced. Read More >>

UK Rolls out New Tax Next Month That Takes Aim at Tech Giants

Google, Facebook, and Amazon will get a rude awakening come April, when the UK's newly announced digital services tax comes into effect. Read More >>

A Plastic Tax is On the Way for Retailers Who Won’t Ditch Plastic Packaging

The UK is still hurtling towards its net zero 2050 target, which seems just as implausible now as it did when Theresa May first suggested it on her way out of office, but in an effort to make it happen, the government is turning the screws on retailers. Read More >>

Wales Considers All the New Types of Vehicle Driving Taxes

The Welsh government could be about to tear up the rules covering vehicle taxation in the country, with a forthcoming consultation set to investigate if increased use of toll roads, workplace parking fees and even a possible pay-per-mile panacea could solve the problem of getting people to calm down on taking the SUV for a 0.6 mile trip to the shop. Read More >>

The Sugar Tax Sort of Worked if You Read the Labels

Analysis of the composition of the nation's chiller cabinets has found that the sugar tax on the unhealthiest of drinks appears to have worked, or at least it has forced the manufacturers to reduce sugar content across the board so they may avoid paying the dread tax and increasing the cost of their products. Which has probably helped some people consume less of the white filth. Read More >>

Green Energy Funding Could be Sliced off the Bills of Poorer Families

An enormous sum of £5.5bn is added to our energy bills each year as a green tax, money that's sliced off and used to fund the development of clean energy sources such as renewables. This isn't fair, it's starting to dawn on everyone, as a landed millionaire who leaves the heating on in his mansion to stop it getting damp while he's off banging teenagers in his city flat pays the same additional levy as one of us lot, wrapped in a duvet next to an oil radiator we've generously set to warmth setting two out of a possible five. Read More >>

Prime Minister Suggests Possibly Axing the BBC’s Licence Fee

That man who's living the dream of being the UK's prime minister at the moment has suggested that a future government may end the licence fee model used to pay for the BBC, with Boris Johnson pondering on if it "makes sense" for the BBC to continue to enjoy its unique funding arrangement. Read More >>

Researchers See Drive Distance Pricing as Way of Filling Electric Cars’ Fuel Duty Hole

The Institute for Fiscal Studies may sound like it's the government but it isn't, so don't worry too much if you're thinking about making a cheap Hyundai electric car your next car. The IFS does, however, carry some clout, so its idea that future taxation of road use should cover "distance driven" is hitting the desks of people important enough to make it happen. They could pass this idea off as their own 2019 general election policy, and also 2020 and 2021's general election policy too. Hey, it's like James O'Malley never left. Read More >>