Bryan Singer Is Still Directing Red Sonja, World Still Terrible Place

Earlier this week, the world was (unfortunately) not so shocked to read an article in the Atlantic detailing new accusations of the sexual abuse and rape of underage children by X-Men director Bryan Singer. These accusations have been circling the director for a long time now. Today, even in light of the most recent report of allegations, the producer of Singer’s next movie isn’t budging. Read More >>

The Creators of Idiocracy Won’t Be Making Anti-Trump Ads Like They Promised

Last month, rumours leaked that the creators of the 2006 film Idiocracy were teaming up with actor Terry Crews to make anti-Trump TV commercials. But now those rumours have been put to rest, and Crews has given us a hint about why. It seems that Mike Judge, the director of Idiocracy, might be afraid of offending fans of Donald Trump. Read More >>