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Rise of the Resistance is as Much a Star Wars Story as it is a Theme Park Ride

There’s no doubt that stepping into Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge feels like you’re stepping into the Star Wars universe. But up until now, that’s been a mostly passive experience. Starting yesterday, it’s anything but. Read More >>

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London Resort Still Wants Everyone to Think It’s Really Going to Exist

The backers of the London Resort project remain optimistic about the chances of the £5bn potential new theme park actually happening, so much so that they've released a batch of renders to illustrate how the huge 535-acre site will be portioned up into six "lands," each containing their segregated and distinct fun options. Read More >>

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Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is Almost Too Alien for its Own Good

Disney’s Star Wars land is unlike anything else at its plethora of theme parks across the world. It doesn’t feel like you’re in a theme park, even as people queue across the courtyards of Batuu for a chance to get to fly the Millennium Falcon. But as fascinatingly unique as that is, it already feels like it’s going to become a bit of a headache for Disney. Read More >>

How Disney’s Imagineering Story Gives Incredible Insight to the World Behind the House of Mouse

Disney is a famously secretive company. It’s so secretive, in fact, that some of its biggest mysteries have elevated into legend. Have you heard there’s a basketball court inside the Matterhorn ride? Are there really full cities underneath the theme parks? In the Disney+ show The Imagineering Story, many of those legends will finally be revealed and we have filmmaker Leslie Iwerks to thank. Read More >>

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Absolute Legend Catches iPhone in Midair While Riding Roller Coaster

Samuel Kempf was riding a roller coaster in Spain when he saw an iPhone hurtling through the air. Lesser men may have simply watched helplessly as the phone plummeted to Earth, no doubt getting destroyed in the process, but Kempf is not lesser men. He jumped into action, and like a figure from a Renaissance painting, stretched his hand to the heavens, rescuing that iPhone from a shattered fate that smartphone users know all too well in the 21st century. Amazingly, the iPhone grab was all captured on video. Read More >>

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Elysium Water Park Promises Wet Indiana Jones Play in Bournemouth

A businessman wants to create a watery nirvana on the south coast near Bournemouth, where plans are afoot to try to build an enormous 75-acre water park that would instantly become the UK's biggest, should the nation's water supplies hold up long enough for it to be filled. Read More >>

From Mandalorians to Mulan, Our Favourite Reveals From This Year’s D23 Expo

The 2019 D23 Expo is now in the books and if you’re a fan of pop culture, your head may still be spinning. Read More >>

Everything We Just Learned About Avengers Campus, Disney’s New Marvel Land

First, Cars got a land. Then Avatar got a planet. Pixar got a pier, Star Wars got a world and now, it’s Marvel’s turn. Read More >>

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Legendary is Hoping to Make Pacific Rim Theme Park Rides a Thing

Galaxy’s Edge fever has seemingly inspired every movie studio to fast-track whatever franchise they can into an immersive theme park experience. Just this week Universal announced its vague intent for a new, presumably licensee-packed “Epic” land. Marvel’s making its way over to Disneyland. And now... Pacific Rim is heading to Indonesia? Read More >>

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Universal Studios Orlando Just Announced an ‘Epic’ 4th Theme Park Without Saying What’s in It

With Disney out here making Star Wars theme park attractions, the competition has to step it up. Universal Studios is doing that by building a fourth theme park in Orlando, Florida called Universal’s Epic Universe. But what exactly makes it “Epic,” we do not yet know. Read More >>

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Alton Towers Debuts the Static 20-Minute Dangle Experience

Alton Towers rollercoaster The Smiler – which wiped the smiles off everyone's faces in 2015 when it horrifically injured several passengers – has got itself in trouble again, although this time the end result was nearer the mild discomfort end of the spectrum. Read More >>

Legoland Plans First Water Park in Europe for 2020

An Italian theme park is about to become the first European site of a Legoland water park, with the Gardaland Resort in Italy soon to include a standalone Lego-branded set of slides and pools and floating bricks and whatnot. Read More >>

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Paramount Rejoins London Resort’s Fun-Provider Brand Roster

The bonkers-sounding London Resort theme park project that may well be the worst thing ever is still going ahead, its boss insists, with the Paramount empire agreeing once more to rejoin the scheme and provide the famous brands -- with a new and laughably optimistic launch date of 2024 being bandied about by revitalised backers. Read More >>

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Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge FOMO Has Turned Me Into a Monster, and I Hate It

Ever since it was announced, I managed to care very little for Disney’s reveal that Star Wars would be coming to its American theme parks in the form of a whole new land. “Sounds neat, but it’s on the other side of the planet, I’ll never go so why think about it?” I’d tell myself, a man who cares a lot about Star Wars but not a lot about theme parks. Oh, what a fool I was. Read More >>

Lego Family Buys Madame Tussauds Group and… Legoland Windsor

Legoland Windsor could finally get the upgrade and refurb it so desperately needs, as the private equity fund operated on behalf of the Lego founders' family has agreed to buy the Merlin Entertainments group – which includes the share of Legoland not currently under the control of the Lego dynasty. Read More >>