TikTok: Our Biggest Problem Is The Teens

It’s hard not to feel bad for TikTok. Back in 2018, we were calling the short-form video monolith the only app that was still capable of wringing anything close to “unbridled joy” out of our jaded, miserable lives. Less than two years later, it’s facing a potential exile from its largest market. It’s weathered its fair share of class action suits and is being investigated by the US Department of Justice. What used to be the last safe haven for silliness has quickly morphed into something that feels just as unsafe as every other platform, if not even riskier. Read More >>

TikTok Users Discover the Secret to Getting Rich: Dogecoin

The bro influencers of TikTok, released into the wild with sick iPhone hacks and dropshipping tips but a few years ago, have matured from pups to the Wolves of Social Media. Now they’re harnessing that power with a pump-and-dump scheme involving Dogecoin, the joke currency made of memes, and also Elon Musk’s favourite coin. The plan is kind of paying off: As of this morning, Dogecoin had risen 27.7% since 5 July. Read More >>

Facebook Axes TikTok Clone to Focus on Its Other TikTok Clone

Cue up “Mad World” and reflect on the folly of having more money than sense: Facebook confirmed today that it’s abandoning Lasso and Hobbi, two sad products you’ve probably never heard of. Read More >>

India Finally Popped the Ban on TikTok and 58 Other Chinese Apps

This is the story of a microvlogging app that nobody had heard of two years ago, and how it lured the world’s teens with karaoke, gobbled up their data, ballooned to monstrous proportions, and, finally, became a geopolitical bargaining chip in an escalating feud between the world’s two most-populous countries. The most recent development: India has reportedly banned TikTok, along with 58 other China-based apps, in retaliation for a recent border conflict in the Himalayas that resulted in the deaths of 20 Indian soldiers and the believed capture of many others. As of this morning, the Indian Express reports that the App Store and Google Play have scrubbed TikTok from their Indian stores; some users have reported a notice on the app that TikTok plans to comply with the government’s order and that they can no longer upload videos or scroll through their timelines. Read More >>

How Long Will Trump Allow TikTokers to Make a Mockery of Him?

After K-pop stans took credit for the embarrassingly low turnout at Trump’s rally in Tulsa last week, the president waits to see what humiliation will befall the campaign next. The TikTok troops are plotting to claim more territory on donaldjtrump.com: the webstore. Read More >>

Internet Reacts to Crazy American Woman Who Has No Bloody Idea How to Make a Cuppa

Making a cup of tea is not hard. Making a good cup of tea just needs a bit of patience thrown in for good measure. Making a milk stew that's not even fit to be tea-bagged by an actual scrotal sack is a lesson in stupidity that this American mom seems eager to share, and the internet has reacted accordingly. Read More >>

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TikTok Threatens to Topple YouTube When It Comes to Kids’ Watching Habits

TikTok is home to bite-sized videos and lip-syncing kids prancing around their bedrooms creating an entirely different type of content than what you grew up with on YouTube, and it's catching up pretty quickly in terms of popularity amongst the younger demographic. Read More >>

Google Deletes Millions of Negative TikTok Reviews After Controversial Video

Google has reportedly deleted millions of negative reviews left on TikTok’s Play Store page after a controversial video was removed from the video-sharing network. Read More >>

TikTok Remains Not Bothered About Child Privacy Breaches

Whatever the thing that TikTok is is in trouble again, with US children's rights groups saying the popular internet-whatever has not yet made the changes it was asked to implement in order to better protect its millions of young users. Read More >>

Youtube Wants a Piece of the Tiktok Pie and is Making its Own Version of the App

YouTube is where the old people hang out now because all the cool kids are on TikTok. But YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki doesn't want to lose users to the upstart service and there are plans afoot to fight back back with "Shorts", YouTube's own bite-sized video app. Read More >>

Leaked Documents Show TikTok Tried to Suppress ‘Ugly’ Users

Social video platform TikTok, already embroiled in a political skirmish over potential national security risks related to its Chinese owner, ByteDance, is now taking on a more familiar form of criticism: concerns over its highly opaque content moderation policies. Read More >>

TikTok Says It’ll No Longer Moderate Overseas Content With China-Based Staff: Report

In an effort to assuage US national security concerns, TikTok announced that it’s no longer relying on China-based moderators to screen content from overseas. Instead, it will shift those jobs abroad, according to a recent Wall Street Journal Report. Read More >>

The World Health Organization’s Making TikToks to Tackle Coronavirus Misinformation

On Friday the World Health Organization took the fight against online health misinformation to TikTok, the same day it elevated its coronavirus threat assessment to the organisation’s highest possible level. Read More >>

TikTok Adds Parental Controls to UK Version of App

TikTok, which as far as I can work out is some sort of proving ground for viral content before it is transferred to the more familiar legacy social networks I might actually use, is introducing parental controls to its UK app, with worrying dads now able to transfer all parental responsibilities to the reworked checkboxes within the app's Family Safety Mode. Read More >>

TikTok Teens Are Dipping Their Balls in Soy Sauce and Lighting Their Houses on Fire

Typically, blog posts open with a broad statement establishing a thesis, which the writer then substantiates with evidence in order to make a point. In exceptional cases, there’s just information so senseless that it needs no interpretation; in others, the writer isn’t positioned to take a stance on an issue when it’s better interpreted by a member of the community it affects. Who am I, in my capacity as a staff reporter and as a person without balls, to determine whether it’s weird to dip your balls in soy sauce to see if they can taste? Read More >>