The New Vine is in Closed Beta, Only Needs 499,999,901 More Users

The death of short-form video platform Vine – a wonderful, barely functional and totally unmonetisable comedy playground, may she forever RIP in peace – was the mile marker that ended fun internet and began the era of chore internet. Read More >>

Indian Authorities Order Apple And Google to Remove TikTok From App Stores

Indian officials have been scrambling to stop people from using TikTok in the country, so they can control porn and political trolling. Read More >>

The Cool Youngsters of TikTok Love Mr Bean

We usually feel a bit "old man yells at cloud" when we try to understand what's trending on TikTok, the youngest and coolest of the social platforms. Read More >>

TikTok Users Are Trying to Prove They Can Spin Smoother Than a Microwave

We understand what's trending on TikTok about as well as anyone else in their thirties, which is to say not at all. But we're here to tell you about the newest happenings in social and the web, so please enjoy our Dad-At-The-Disco roundup of the short video platform's viral Microwave Challenge. Read More >>

Owner of TikTok, an App You’re Probably Too Old to Know About, Fined £4.3 Million for Illegally Collecting Kids’ Data

Whether in its former life as lip-synching app or its current rebrand as TikTok, the short-form video platform has always courted a youthful demographic. And in the past, its stance on obtaining user consent was, let’s say, inattentive. For both these reasons, it’s now the recipient of the largest civil penalty for violating the online privacy of children. Read More >>

TikTok Will Allow You to Filter Out Comments by Keyword

Keeping users safe, happy and un-harassed is a big focus on all the social networks, and uber-trendy TikTok is stealing a march on the incumbents by introducing the ability to filter out comments by keyword. Read More >>

Indian Lawmakers Call for TikTok Ban Due to ‘Cultural Degeneration’

There’s pressure building in India to regulate the shortform video app TikTok, with some lawmakers pushing for the platform to be blocked as a vessel for societal decay. Read More >>