After 60 Years, Brio Has Reinvented Its Toy Trains for the Future

Brio’s magnetic wooden trains are as iconic a toy as Lego bricks or Hot Wheels cars. Traditionally kid-powered, a few years ago electric motors were introduced to the line, but this year Brio trains are being upgraded with smart features that allow them to interact with tracks and playsets. Don’t hit the panic alarm just yet, though; Brio’s SmartTech toys aren’t going to rob your kids of their imagination-driven adventures. Read More >>

I’m in Awe of This Four-Foot Nerf Bazooka That Fires Pool Noodle Rockets

In recent years, Nerf has added some gigantic blasters to its lineup, at times necessitating the need for a shoulder strap. But they still can’t compare to one of YouTube’s Ryan &David’s recent creations: a four-foot long custom-built bazooka that fires oversized darts made from pool noodles. Read More >>

Transforming Dino-Cassettes Join a Retro ’80s Bumblebee For This Comic-Con Exclusive

It’s hard to lament Comic-Con’s lack of focus on actual comic books when the convention also brings us some of the best and exclusive collectible toys of the year. In addition to new figures of Star Wars’ latest heroes, Hasbro will be tapping Transformers fans’ wallets with a new Bumblebee set featuring a retro gold Camaro and a pair of rare dinosaur cassette bots. Read More >>

Lego’s Voltron Set is the Giant Brick Robot of Our Dreams

We’ve been quivering with anticipation ever since Lego officially confirmed it would be adding Voltron — the universe’s premiere lion-based defender—to its range of fan-petitioned Lego Ideas products. But now, we finally have our first look at the final set and it’s even better than we had imagined. Read More >>

Flying Saucer Toy Recalled For Teaching Kids That Nazis Achieved Space Travel

If you’ve ever watched late-night documentaries on History, you know that the Nazis had a secret programme during World War II to develop flying saucers. The Nazi’s UFO experiments never actually flew, but the model toy company Revell recently released a set in Germany that makes it look like one of the Nazi saucers actually worked. And historians are pissed off. Read More >>

star trek
Our First Look at What Feels Like the First Star Trek Action Figures in Ages

There’s plenty of Trek merchandise out there, from giant ship replicas, to fancy dolls, to actual meme statuettes. But for honest to god action figures, it feels like it’s been years since there’s been a line of Starfleet’s finest small enough to command your valuable desk space. That’s finally changing thanks to McFarlane Toys. Read More >>

The Lego Store Tested a New Machine That Will Print Custom Minifigures

If you've been into a Lego store any time over the past several years you'll know that there are booths that let you build your own minifigures. You rummage around in a box of pieces, put three of them together, and you can pop them into a box to make it look like you purchased them for real. It's nice, but limited to pieces and designs Lego mass produces. That may not be the case in future if a new trial runs smoothly, though. Read More >>

You Can Rearrange the Letters and Spell Out Any Message On This Scrabble Tile Rack Lamp

The most effective way to tell your co-workers you don’t want to be bothered is to close your office door. But if you’re stuck in cubicle purgatory, that’s not an option. Instead, try this Scrabble tile rack desk lamp that lets you spell out seven-letter warnings like ‘GO AWAY’, ‘NOT NOW’, or other, blunter messages if your office lets you get away with it. Read More >>

Lego is Teasing Us With the Possibility of James Bond Sets

The days of Lego being a simple box of bricks are long gone. For nearly 20 years (at least)Lego has bought up licences to various pop-culture brands and converted them into brick-and-minifigure form. Star Wars, Doctor Who, Marvel and DC, Ghostbusters, plus all the many franchises that were bundled into Lego Dimensions. Now they may be joined by 007 himself, if this not-so-cryptic tease from Lego is anything to go by: Read More >>

Sega Returns to Weirdness With Only Fools and Horses Plushies

Sega's arcade division is still ludicrously mad after all these years, with 2018's insanity highlighted by a deal with BBC Studios to create a series of plush toys based on... Only Fools and Horses. Read More >>

There are Some New Lego Star Wars Sets Coming Later This Year

Star Wars is one of the flagship franchises in Lego's portfolio, and with all the films coming out you better believe it's going to take advantage and try to flog us some new sets. Wile we've already had a lot of new Lego hit shop shelves over the past several months, more are on the way and should be arriving later this year. Read More >>

The Level of Detail in This Six-Foot Tall, 100,000-Piece Lego Batcave is Staggering

You might remember Brent Waller as the original creator of the Ecto-1Ghostbusters set that Lego put into production a few years ago. Sadly, there’s little chance the toymaker will do the same for Waller’s latest creation: a six-foot-tall recreation of Wayne Manor and the Batcave, that he estimates was assembled from over 100,000 bricks. Read More >>

You Can Strap a GoPro to This New Hot Wheels Car and Ride Along on All Your Dangerous Stunts

Watching a race from the sidelines is never as fun as being in the driver’s seat, and with that obvious wisdom in mind, Mattel has partnered with GoPro to create a new camera-compatible Hot Wheels car that lets kids and grownups experience what it’s like to careen down those iconic orange plastic tracks. It’s also the only chance you’ll probably ever have to race through a vertical loop without destroying your car. Read More >>

Amazon and eBay are Pulling Listings For CloudPets Smart Toys Over Security Concerns

As someone who doesn't have children and grew up in a time where people couldn't even imagine the concept of toys that could be hacked remotely, I'm not sure I understand why smart toys are a thing. I understand toy companies would want to develop high tech playthings to try and flog to parents for outlandish prices, but given how many of them have god-awful security I don't really get why parents are still buying them. Read More >>

You Can Wait a Few Years For a Tesla – or Build This Magnificent Lego Bugatti Chiron Yourself

Two years ago, Lego rolled out one of its largest and most complex Technic sets ever with its 2,704-piece Porsche 911 GT3 RS. But that car looks about as exciting as going for a Sunday drive in Grandma’s sedan now that Lego has finally revealed its long rumored (and teased) Technic Bugatti Chiron. Read More >>