Welsh Tram-Trains Horrify Potential Riders With Lack of Toilets

Detailed plans for the south Wales Metro that's to better link Cardiff with the valleys have been revealed, and of course there's uproar about something. In this case, it's the lack of toilets on the £738m project that's irritating the would-be commuters of the near future. Read More >>

Randoms Demand London’s Northern Line Actually Serves the North

Some funny person with access to enough money to get stuff printed up for a laugh has launched a protest on the London underground, where stickers have been appearing requesting that the city's Northern line tube service is extended so that it hits the actual north of the whole country, not just a narrow section of the north of London. Read More >>

Gatwick Plans to Open its Secret/Spare/Emergency Runway for Full Time Use

2019 is a key year for the operator of Gatwick airport, as it's when a 40-year agreement not to run flights on its second runway at the same time as its main runway expires. And bosses have wasted no time in preparing a planning application asking to be allowed to do just that. Read More >>

This New Train Website for Commuters Is Great if You’re Never on Time

If you're terrible at being on time for your train and usually get to the station with seconds to spare, is this the website for you. Read More >>

HS2 £22bn Over Budget and Will be at Least Five Years Late

The government has sneaked out some bad news regarding HS2 – or it might be good news depending on your opinion of the new train line – with today's transport secretary increasing the project's budget from £56bn to £88bn in today's equivalent money just like that; oh and also warning that it might be five years late. Read More >>

Pure Scooters Opens Physical Branch in London

Fashionable electronical personal transportational brand Pure Scooters has opened a bricks & mortar branch in London, where potential criminals will be able to freely purchase the outlawed devices and ride them out of the doors and straight into the welcoming arms of local police. Read More >>

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Being Drunk and Helmet-less Is a Recipe for E-Scooter Disaster

The e-scooter craze has been convenient for some, annoying to others, and painful or even deadly to an unlucky few. A new study out Thursday seems to highlight some of the (perhaps obvious) common factors behind e-scooter accidents: being drunk or otherwise intoxicated and not wearing a damn helmet. Read More >>

This 1930s Invention Was Supposed to Make Parallel Parking Easy

These days, some cars can help you parallel park with the touch of a button, but it wasn’t always so easy. Back in the 1930s you had to parallel park the old fashioned way, and this short clip from a newsreel shows how one inventor in the US state of California came up with a plan to let drivers squeeze into parking spaces with ease. Read More >>

Environmentalists Plan Drone Blockade on Heathrow

A group of environmental protesters have telephoned in a warning about a plan to shut down Heathrow airport, by gathering numerous drone owners within the airport's no-drone zones and letting their machines fly – triggering an automatic suspension of flights. Read More >>

Google’s Disgraced Self-Driving Car Wizard Charged With Theft of Trade Secrets

One-time autonomous vehicle wunderkind Anthony Levandowski – the central figure in Waymo’s contentious lawsuit against Uber – has been charged with 33 counts of theft and attempted theft of trade secrets, the New York Times reports, bringing the high-profile corporate espionage case back into the news. Read More >>

UK Rail Line Electrified With Direct Solar Power

A small part of the national rail infrastructure near Aldershot is running on solar energy, provided not through grid arbitration and offsetting, but directly sourced from a trackside installation of panels that cut out the electricity grid entirely. It's the first step towards running trains on electricity generated specifically for the job. Read More >>

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Please Lend Me £165,000 So I Can Build the Ultimate Custom Van

Hi, my name is Brent (“Hi, Brent”), and I live in a van. I've been zig-zagging America in said van and documenting much of the stuff that happens. In the beginning, I was going to try to do it for a year. It has now been more than four years. Oops? Read More >>

HS2 Could Yet be Cancelled as Government Launches Full Review

The government is about to embark on some serious pretending-to-listen, as it's launched a full inquiry into the plan for HS2 – even going so far as to ask whether the rail line should be built at all. Even though plenty of stuff's already been started so we'll look pretty silly if it's all binned off now. Read More >>

Uber is Doing Boat Trips Now, But Only During This Bank Holiday Weekend

This coming weekend is a bank holiday - the last one before Christmas - and to mark the occasion, you can book yourself an Uber boat. Read More >>

Driver Suspended for Refusing to Drive Pride Bus

A bus driver doing the rounds of Norwich was overheard refusing to take the controls of one particular vehicle, due to the fact its route number had been coloured in with rainbow stripes to help celebrate the events of Norwich Pride. Read More >>