Universal Pictures Has Pulled The Hunt From Its Release Schedule

The film, a purported satire about a world where humans hunt each other for sport, will no longer be released. Read More >>

Why Doesn’t Trump Tell Us About the Aliens?

It may be the most important and least talked about question of our era. Read More >>

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Knitting Website Ravelry Bans Users Who Publicly Support Donald Trump

Ravelry, a knitting and crocheting community with over 8 million registered members, announced over the weekend that it was banning support of the Trump regime. Anyone expressing support for President Donald Trump on the website will be banned, but project data for those users will not be deleted. Read More >>

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Trump Both Sides-es Climate Change

There are many things where there are two (or more!) sides to the story. Nazis is not one of them. Neither is climate change. Read More >>

Britain Needs to Sort out Its Own 5G Shit Before Even Thinking About Banning Huawei

Following all of this Huawei furore, health secretary Matt Hancock warns that the UK needs its own British-based rival before ousting the Chinese company's wares from our shores. Read More >>

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Student Told to Get Rid of Giant Dick He Aimed at Trump

Remember the student who mowed a climate change message into the grounds of his family's estate? Well he's had to ditch the cock and balls aimed at president Trump after a visit from the fuzz. Read More >>

Trump Baby Balloon Stabbed in the Back but the Blimp Lives On

A mini baby Trump balloon was the victim of a cowardly attack yesterday, after it was stabbed in the back and left in a crumpled, orange heap. Read More >>

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Student Slaps Trump With Huge Cock and Balls Climate Change Message

A teenage boy broke out the lawnmower of his own accord this weekend which is headline worthy in itself, but he proceeded to use it to etch out a giant dick and balls as part of a message aimed at the US president who flew into Stanstead today. Read More >>

Trump Balloon Returns to Flight for Summer State Visit

The Trump balloon that captivated, then ultimately slightly disappointed the nation last year by being a bit smaller than billed, is returning. The creators of the original flying protest piece are vowing to bring back the nappy/diaper-wearing Trump avatar to the skies in time for Mr Effing Orangina's state visit to the UK this summer. Read More >>

Woman Arrested at Mar-a-Lago with 1 Laptop, 2 Chinese Passports, 4 Phones, and a USB Drive Loaded with Malware

In another example of the increasingly strange stories coming out of Mar-a-Lago, a Chinese woman was arrested at President Trump’s flagship Florida resort after she was discovered to be carrying a laptop, two Chinese passports, four phones, and a USB thumb drive loaded with what officials describe as “malicious malware.” Read More >>

Fake Trump Wall Lego is Your Ironic AND Non-Ironic Christmas Gift

This is bad on so many levels it's very nearly clocked the system and come up as good. It's fake Lego for a start, which is universally appalling. It's also about Trump, which is merely quite SAD, plus it's been created by a pro-Trump organisation that is selling MAGA merchandise to Americans that appeals to both serious Trump fans and the ironic category of Trump haters. Read More >>

Trump Tweets, ‘I Rarely Use a Cellphone,’ From His iPhone

President Trump regularly uses his iPhones to tweet and, reportedly, to make phones calls. And according to the New York Times, Chinese and Russian spies are listening, especially to his unsecured cellphone. But President Trump would like you to know that he “rarely” uses his cellphones. He says so in this morning’s toilet tweets, sent from his iPhone. Read More >>

President Trump Accuses Google of Rigging Search Results Against Him, Calls It ‘Very Dangerous’

President Trump’s first tweet of the day, sent at 5:24am local time, has accused Google of rigging search results against conservatives. Right-wing media personalities often claim, without evidence, that companies like Twitter and Facebook are conspiring against them, but Google search results aren’t often part of that conversation. They certainly are now. Read More >>

Turns Out That Football Putin Gave Trump Has an NFC Chip in It, But It’s Probably Harmless

While at a conference alongside Russian President Vladimir Putin at a high-profile conference in Helsinki this month, Donald Trump took some time out of relentlessly praising his counterpart—a former KGB foreign intelligence officer and currently suspected US election-meddler—to accept a gift of one Adidas AG football. Turns out that model of football has a chip in it. Read More >>

Twitter Responds to Claims of ‘Shadow Banning’

Following an apparent change to Twitter’s auto-populating search dropdown first discovered by Gizmodo over the weekend, the platform has responded to a wave of angry, uninformed criticism on its official blog. Read More >>