Qualcomm Could Pay Samsung Over $1 Billion to Make the Snapdragon 820 Chip

Qualcomm has confirmed that Samsung will build its flagship Snapdragon 820 mobile chip. The South Korean powerhouse could pocket over $1 billion from the deal, which would come in fairly handy right about now. Samsung’s had a relatively rough ride recently, financially-speaking, and is looking to explore new profit-boosting avenues. Read More >>

How to Find Out if Your iPhone Has a Good or a Bad Processor

As it turns out, not all new iPhones are created equal. There’s two different versions of the A9 processor, and while they’re mostly the same, one of the chips seems to be killing battery life. Read More >>

Apple Is Finally Going to Ditch Samsung’s Chips

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple has finally signed a deal with something called Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co to make its guts for future iPhones and iPads. Specifically, TSMC will start mass-producing 20 nanometer chips for Apple in 2014, paving way for longer battery life in Samsung-less iPhones and iPads. Read More >>

Apple TV shrunken A5
Has Apple Already Dumped Samsung?

Last week we heard rumours that Apple's courting Intel to produce its custom silicon for it, in an effort to ditch its dependence on Samsung's chip manufacturing. Now a new smaller chip in the updated Apple TV could indicate that Apple and Samsung have already split ways. Does this mean the gloves are off? Read More >>