The Watch’s Magical Cast of Cops and Criminals Is Getting Bigger

The BBC’s upcoming series The Watch based on Terry Pratchett’s Discworld books already has a rather robust cast playing a group of elite, though scrappy cops fighting to bring peace to their corrupt town where crime’s been legalised. But the show was clearly still in need of some proper villains to give its heroes adversaries to face off against. Read More >>

Watchmen Revealed the Big Lie That Changed the World and Destroyed a Man

Watchmen’s cast of masked cops playing at being superheroes were all shaped by different traumas that bowled them over at points in their lives when they were most vulnerable. The show’s spent a significant amount of time unpacking what it is that makes Angela Abar tick, but this week’s episode “Little Fear of Lightning” takes an interesting turn by focusing instead on Wade Tillman, who most often prefers to go by “Looking Glass.” Read More >>

Crisis Just Shared a Bunch of New Photos, Including Our First Look at Kevin Conroy’s Live-Action Batman

It’s great that the CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earths is bringing back different actors who played various incarnations of Superman and Lois Lane, and that the event’s digging deep into WB history to give Smallville and Birds of Prey stans the kind of fan service they could scarcely dream of. But what everyone’s really hyped to see is Kevin Conroy as live-action Batman. Read More >>

8 Things We Adored About She-Ra Season 4 (And 4 We Had Mixed Feelings About)

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power stepped up its game in season four, giving us a story that was big, challenging, and tragic. The Netflix animated series isn’t afraid to take risks and bring its characters to their lowest points, just to see what they can do. There was a lot to celebrate this season, but there were also some things that could have been better...and a few we’re still undecided on. Read More >>

BBC War of the Worlds Review: Rafe Spall Frowns for an Hour With Good Reason

OK look, I'm not a TV reviewer. I don't get things weeks in advance on DVD, or a special link to a password-protected iPlayer, or invited to advance screenings with a director/cast Q&A and herby sausage rolls after at the Bafta HQ in London. I watched the BBC's new adaptation of War of the Worlds on the telly, like a normal person, and found the experience so harrowing I felt I must immediately pen a warning for the pages of my local newspaper. Read More >>

Vin Diesel’s Daughter is Among the Cast for an Animated Fast and Furious Show

Months after the Fast and Furious franchise finally said “screw it” and went straight sci-fi, it’s changing lanes once again. Read More >>

Tonight’s Walking Dead Was a Mess

Earlier this year, the penultimate episode of The Walking Dead’s ninth season brought us one of the most shocking, heartbreaking moments in the history of the series. Tonight’s troubled lead-up to the mid-season finale had its own tragic surprise, but the real bummer is it’s one of the show’s worst episodes in quite some time. Read More >>

The Expanse’s Season 4 Trailer Shows Us a Brave New World With Dangers at Every Turn

The Expanse’s fourth season drops on Amazon Prime in just a few weeks meaning that after months of being cryptic about what’s to become of the Roci crew on the strange, new Earth-like planet Ilus, the studio’s finally dropping the kinds of trailers that give you some solid information about what to expect. In this case, it’s one hell of a bumpy ride. Read More >>

Black Friday Bundle Gets You Free, or Discounted, Sky TV When You Buy a New LG TV

We all love a good deal, and when it comes to buying a TV Black Friday is a good way to find one that's had a few hundred quid knocked off. Just so long as you make sure it's not terrible, and you get stuck with a dodgy device. But what if your new Black Friday television came with a free, or discounted, subscription to Sky TV? Read More >>

Sky Q’s 1TB Box Gets a Welcome Upgrade and a More Affordable Price

Sky has announced its new and improved Sky Q 1TB UHD box that now has all of the same features as the beefier 2TB box. Read More >>

Brand New Cherry Flavor, a Supernatural Revenge Story, Is Headed to Netflix With Rosa Salazar in the Lead

Okay, this sounds fantastic: Deadline reports that Rosa Salazar, alongside an excellent cast including The Good Place’s most charming Floridian, have signed on for Netflix’s Brand New Cherry Flavor, a new eight-episode series based on a horror novel by Todd Grimson. Read More >>

Disney Plus Is Going to Embiggen The Simpsons Back To Its Proper Aspect Ratio Next Year

For classic The Simpsons, 16:9, the default widescreen viewing ratio, is not the most cromulent option. In fact, it’s a pretty bad one. Read More >>

John Lewis Says It’s Christmas So Upscale Your Calorie Intake and Watch Adverts on Purpose

A socially inadequate dragon is the star of the 2019 John Lewis Christmas advert, with the department store chain introducing "Excitable Edgar" to the nation today, in the two-minute CG-fest it traditionally releases to mark the Thursday in November upon which you're supposed to start getting stressed and begin fantasising about walking away from all your commitments. Read More >>

You Can’t Watch Any of the New Marvel Shows Yet, But Here’s Some Concept Art

Disney+ has finally arrived, at least in the US, and with it comes hundreds of classic Disney movies, some impressive original content, and zero new Marvel Studios shows. Which, of course, we knew. Those shows aren’t going to start rolling out until late next year. However, to tease fans of what’s to come, Marvel Studios did add a 12-minute featurette to the streaming service featuring lots of cool stuff. Read More >>

The Next Episode of Watchmen Will Give One of Its Most Interesting New Characters an Origin Story

Part of what makes Watchmen so fascinating is its status as a sequel set many years in the wake of the seminal graphic novel. While that means we get to examine legacy characters like Laurie Blake and Adrian Veidt in new lights, it means there’s a whole set of new people to be intrigued by – and one of them is getting a very reflective spotlight next week. Read More >>