The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is Getting a Gritty Reboot

Last year, an ingenious "re-imagining" of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air as an edgy drama went mega-viral on YouTube: Read More >>

Everything We Know About The John Wick TV Show

John Wick was an absolute phenomenon when it released in 2014 and almost single-handedly re-launched Keanu Reeves’ Hollywood film career. It was followed by two excellent sequels (with two more on the way) and the story won’t even end there. In 2017, it was confirmed that John Wick would spin off into its own TV show. Since then, we’ve only heard whispers about the fabled series, but what we do know is still very exciting. Read More >>

Ridley Scott’s Raised By Wolves is About to Become Your Most Anticipated Sci-Fi Show

When director Ridley Scott does anything, we take notice. When he does something sci-fi, we get excited. And when he directs a sci-fi television show we can watch in a few short weeks? We damn near froth at the mouth. Read More >>

America is Doing its Own Version of Eurovision

The inimitable Eurovision Song Contest has been gaining international attention in the last few years, with more countries that aren't technically in Europe (looking at you, Australia) joining in the fun. Read More >>

star wars
Chiss Names Are Some of Star Wars’ Coolest Bullshit

Star Wars is full of cool bullshit which is, in many ways, why we love such an absurd behemoth in the first place. Space wizards with laser swords? Extremely bullshit, and very cool (some of the time). Blaster pistols? They go pew pew, what’s not to love. Starfighters? They go pew pew and fly in space, what’s not to love!? Anyway, screw all of them. The coolest Star Wars bullshit is xenolinguistics. Read More >>

Remember When Toys Were Fun? Hasbro’s £440 Unicron Figure Takes Almost an Entire Hour to Transform

A year ago, Hasbro revealed a massive 27-inch tall Unicron figure that, despite an equally gigantic $575 (£440) price tag, still managed to find 8,000 backers to help officially put it into production. The figure is impressively detailed, but in a recent blog post sharing the progress on Unicron’s development, it was revealed the figure takes almost an hour to completely transform. Read More >>

Only J-Pop Can Save Aggretsuko Now

Poor Retsuko has spent two seasons of her hilarious and occasionally heartfelt anime series expelling her existential rage via the medium of heavy metal karaoke. But in the third season, it seems like not even that can help her cope with all the new problems she’s facing. She needs J-pop bops. Read More >>

A Game of Thrones Animated Movie Could’ve Happened But Fate Intervened

No, the final season of Game of Thrones was not great. For seven seasons, though, fans got probably as impressive a literary adaptation as one could imagine thanks to HBO. What you may not know, though, is that if one executive hadn’t stood up George R.R. Martin for lunch, things could’ve taken a completely different path. Read More >>

The Boys’ Heroes and Villains Are All Out for Blood in Pair of New Clips

In The Boys’ second season, the Seven, the world’s preeminent team of corrupt superheroes, are out for blood following the untimely, but honestly justified killing of one of their monstrous members. The Boys are well aware that the Seven want their revenge, but in a series of new clips, you see that the most pressing issue both teams must first address is a lack of unity among their own ranks. Read More >>

The Witcher Season 2 Images Show the New Reality of Making Shows During a Pandemic

Masks, shields, barriers, and a whole lot of social distancing. Netflix’s The Witcher is gearing up to resume production on season two, and already we’re getting a glimpse at what life behind the scenes will be like – not only for Geralt of Rivia, but the future of television in general. Read More >>

The Ren & Stimpy Show Is Being Rebooted, for Some Reason

In a move reflective of the network’s doubling down on the animation space, Comedy Central’s set its sights on one of the most raunchy and absurd cartoons to come out of the ‘90s. One that’s only gone on to live in infamy. Read More >>

Here are Some More Puppets Coming to the Spitting Image Revival

Back in March, BritBox announced that it would be launching its first original programme: a revival of the puppet-fuelled satire Spitting Image. We already saw a bunch of the puppets when the series was announced, but now a few more images have been released - presumably to drum up hype. Read More >>

In The Boys’ New Trailer, a Bloody Superhuman Storm Is Brewing

In the upcoming second season of Amazon’s The Boys, Stormfront, one of the original comics’ most terrifying characters, is set to make her arrival as a newly minted member of the Seven, the series’ twisted answer to DC’s Justice Justice League and Marvel’s Avengers. But they are, unbeknownst to the public, all engaged in various kinds of depravity when they’re not in the spotlight. Read More >>

star trek
Days Before Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Premiere, There’s Merely Hope for International Release

In the last few years, CBS has turned Star Trek from a dormant franchise on television screens into one of its biggest assets. We’ve gone from no shows to our fourth new Trek about to air in the U.S. and Canada this week (and more on the way!). And yet, despite its global appeal, there are still frustrations about just when fans outside the U.S. can boldly go. Read More >>