PG Tips Tipped to be First Tea Brand to Ditch Plastic

PG Tips says its products will be entirely plastic-free by the middle of next year. Read More >>

Tea Bag Kingpin Threatens Facebook and Google With Billion-Pound Boycott

Unilever, manufacturer of three-quarters of the things in your cupboards, fridge and large intestine, is joining the battle for online trust, and has warned the tech giants that it could pull its internet advertising unless drastic steps are taken to protect kids from fakers and weirdos. Read More >>

£3,100 is So Not Enough Compensation for Feeding Your Family Used-Condom Tomatoes

A Brazilian housewife has been awarded £3,100 after she found a used condom in her tin of tomato paste. British firm Unilever was forced to pay up after the woman cooked a meal for her family using the tomatoes, only to find the condom in the tin after they'd all licked their plates clean. Read More >>