These Are The Valentine’s Day Deals From, Er, Vodafone

Anything's an excuse for an offer these days. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, the New Year, Blue Monday, and now Valentine's Day. Read More >>

Vodafone Is Officially The Worst, Says Ofcom League Table

It's a bad day for Vodafone, which has just topped Ofcom's league table of the most-complained-about providers for both broadband and landlines. Read More >>

Vodafone And O2 Buddy Up To Make 5G Happen Faster

Mobile networks Vodafone and O2 have announced they'll be extending their existing infrastructure sharing agreement to include 5G, so they can roll it out faster and cheaper. Read More >>

Vodafone Dressed a Drone Up Like Santa’s Sleigh for the UK’s First 4G Drone Delivery

For all the talk there's been about using drones to deliver things to people, there's been a distinct lack of progress making it happen. In fact the UK has only just managed to complete a single drone delivery using 4G, which shows how far things are from Jeff Bezos's dream of flying courier-free Amazon fulfilment. But even baby steps are progress, right? Read More >>

Vodafone Has Launched a New Rewards Scheme Called ‘VeryMe’

For years O2 has been rewarding its customers with Priority moments and all the associated deals that came with it. Similarly Three launched Wuntu not that long ago to offer basically the same thing. Today Vodafone has decided that rewarding loyal customers is a fantastic idea, and has announced another similar rewards programme for its customers. It's called VeryMe, and no I don't know why that name was picked either. Read More >>

black friday
Save Over £500 on a Samsung Galaxy S9 With Vodafone’s Black Friday Deals

Vodafone has been pushing out Black Friday deals for a little while now, but since most of them looked pretty rubbish we haven't paid them much notice. But now the big day has rolled round there are actually some you might want to take advantage of. The rubbish ones are still there, they're just not alone anymore. Read More >>

Vodafone’s 5G Trial in Manchester Ditches 4G Altogether

Vodafone's been busy lately. First they got Three's cringe-tastic Puggerfly Snapchat advert banned, then they hosted what is apparently the world's first live holographic call (!), and now they're making 5G happen in Greater Manchester. Read More >>

Oh Snap: Vodafone Got Three’s Snapchat Ad Banned

The petty squabbling between phone networks continues: Vodafone has gone to the ASA about one of Three's ads and got it pulled. Read More >>

Vodafone is Launching Commercial 5G Services Sometime Next Year

At the moment there are a few 'next big things' coming in the tech industry. One of them is 5G, which the industry has been slowly prepping for over the past several years. While the new network infrastructure will have a lot of benefits for businesses and the enterprise sector, there are plenty of commercial benefits as well, like fast speeds and low latency. The bad news has always been that we'd have to wait until 2020 for the commercial services to launch properly, but like EE Vodafone has announced that it wants to launch next year. Read More >>

Here Are The Best iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max UK Contract Deals

The day is here: the day that iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max can be pre-ordered. If you're lucky and act fast, you'll be able to get your hands on Apple's latest handset next Friday, 21st September, when it officially releases. Read More >>

Here’s All Of The UK Networks That Will Be Selling The iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR

Announced yesterday, the successor to the iPhone X is just around the corner. The iPhone XS, and its bigger brother, the iPhone XS Max, will be available from next Friday, 21st September. Pre-orders start for the handsets tomorrow, 14th September. The cheaper new iPhone, the iPhone XR, will be available on 26th October, with pre-orders starting on the 19th. But some UK networks are letting customers pre-register their interest right now. Read More >>

Advertising Standards Bans Vodafone Broadband Ad

A series of TV and radio advertisements for Vodafone's home broadband services featuring Martin Freeman have been banned by the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA). The ads state that "Vodafone guarantee your home broadband speeds or money off until it's fixed". Acting on a series of complaints, including one from BT, the ASA has banned the ads on account of unsubstantiated claims. Read More >>

Vodafone is Adding Free Roaming in Another 29 Countries

If you've been on holiday to the EU anytime within the past year, you'll no doubt have enjoyed the opportunity to use up all your usual data allowances without being bankrupted by roaming fees - regardless of the network you're on. Well Vodafone has decided it was such a wonderful idea, it's following the example of other networks and expanding the whole 'free roaming thing' to another 29 countries around the world. Read More >>

Vodafone Will Give You a Free Gadget if You Buy its Broadband

Lots of companies want to sell you internet, and there are plenty of tactics they're willing to try in an attempt to lure you in. Some offer hefty discounts, others free access to certain services, while some will throw a free gift or two your way in the hopes that will work. Vodafone is the latter, having just announced new customers will be able to claim a free gift worth up to £199 if they sign up. Read More >>

Vodafone’s Gigabit Broadband Starts Rolling Out to the UK

For most of the UK, ultrafast internet is still but a pipe dream. Lots of areas aren't wired up for Virgin Media's highest speed broadband - currently 350Mb - and less than stellar standard broadband infrastructure means that even major cities can't reach anywhere near the average speed of 46.2Mb. My in-laws live in Sheffield and struggle to get even 3Mb through the phoneline. It's painful. Read More >>