Vodafone Is Giving Away a Ton of Apple Products via Its New AR Game

Find Unlimited is the terrible name of Vodafone's new AR game that goes live for the duration of next week. And then that's it, because there are only so many freebies a company will give away. Read More >>

Gatwick Airport Gets Vodafone 5G as Part of 5-Year Plan to Be the UK’s Leading Smart Airport

Gatwick airport's South Terminal is getting 5G coverage thanks to Vodafone, and it's not just the passengers who'll benefit. Read More >>

O2 Takes Aim at Vodafone in the Ongoing 5G Saga, Saying It Doesn’t Have ‘Real 5G’

In an attempt to be the network with the most shit to fling at its competitors, O2 is sparking more pissing contests over 5G. Please just give it a rest already. Read More >>

Vodafone’s 5G Roaming Across the UK and Europe Goes Live Just in Time for the Holidays

Vodafone's 5G rollout continues with its 5G roaming that goes live today in 55 towns and cities across Europe. Read More >>

Vodafone and O2’s New Deal Aims to Get 5G Rolled Out a Lot Faster

Vodafone and O2 have decided to team up to get 5G out to the masses as quickly as possible by sharing some of their infrastructure with one another. Read More >>

Vodafone’s 30-Day Service Guarantee Has Been Halved Because No-one Was Using It

After giving customers a rather generous month to reconsider their commitment to Vodafone, the network provider has cut it down to the statutory minimum cooling-off period of just two weeks. Read More >>

Vodafone Has Doubled the Reach of Its 5G Network With Coverage in More Towns and Cities

Vodafone launched its 5G network just a couple of weeks ago in seven cities across the UK, and has already added eight additional locations. Read More >>

Vodafone is Flogging the Samsung Galaxy Watch on its 4G Contracts Now

Vodafone has announced that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4G is now available on the network from £22 a month. Read More >>

Vodafone Is Giving Away a Free Amazon Echo Plus With Its Home Broadband Together Plan

Vodafone continues to show off its range of 5G deals and bargains with a free Alexa for home broadband customers. Read More >>

Vodafone’s 5G Network Goes Live Today With Unlimited Business and SIM Only Data Plans

A month after EE launched the UK's first 5G mobile network, Vodafone is the second network operator to follow suit with its 5G going live today. Read More >>

Facebook Announces Libra, Digital Currency on the Blockchain That Doesn’t Actually Need to Be on the Blockchain

Facebook and 27 other partner companies formally announced this morning they plan to launch a digital currency called Libra in the first half of 2020. And if they pull it off, Libra could become the standard digital currency around the world. Read More >>

amazon echo
Alexa-Enabled Devices Get Fancy New Call Features Thanks to Vodafone and Amazon

If you have an Amazon Echo device you can now use it to make phone calls at those times you just can't be arsed to find your phone or use your hands to pick it up. Read More >>

Vodafone Plans to Get Rid of 3G Over the Next Couple of Years

Vodafone is shutting down 3G to bolster its 5G networks but says that 2G is here to stay for now. Read More >>

Vodafone’s £100 Burner Phones Have Notches Now Too

If you've dropped your proper phone in the toilet or had it stolen off you by a moped rider with a machete, Vodafone has some good news; its cheap, £100 emergency single use smartphones now "rock" the fashionable-in-2017 notch look as well. Read More >>