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Meeting His Parents Takes a Horrifying Turn in Charlie Kaufman’s I’m Thinking of Ending Things

Meeting the parents is always scary, but most of our experiences probably didn’t feature a family, or situation, quite like this. In the first trailer for I’m Thinking of Ending Things, the latest film from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’s Charlie Kaufman, a young woman meeting her boyfriend’s family finds herself at the point of no return. Read More >>

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2 Months of Un-Hulk-Like Calm Went Into Making This Incredible Avengers Flipbook

Remember how proud you were of the stickman riding a skateboard flipbook you made in your high school chemistry textbook? Had you continued improving your skills, this is where you’d be now: creating flipbooks of famous movie scenes, including Bruce Banner hulking out during the climactic final battle in The Avengers. Read More >>

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Hilary Swank is on a Mission to Mars in the Emotional First Trailer for Netflix’s Away

She’s boldly going where no one has gone before, but doing so means leaving the people she loves the most. We’ve got the first trailer for Netflix’s Away, a new series that sees Hilary Swank joining the first manned mission to Mars – a three-year journey that will test the limits of its crew, as well as the patience of those who were left behind. Read More >>

Watch This Classic Ghostbusters Special Effect Come to (After)Life

I don’t often think of Ghostbusters as a pioneering special effects film. But it did include a lot of neat effects as it took its madcap scientists and made them paranormal protectors, and seeing those effects make their way onto the screen is pretty impressive. Read More >>

The Boys’ Heroes and Villains Are All Out for Blood in Pair of New Clips

In The Boys’ second season, the Seven, the world’s preeminent team of corrupt superheroes, are out for blood following the untimely, but honestly justified killing of one of their monstrous members. The Boys are well aware that the Seven want their revenge, but in a series of new clips, you see that the most pressing issue both teams must first address is a lack of unity among their own ranks. Read More >>

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A Young Girl Becomes One With the Sea in This New South African Animated Series

Thousands of miles away from Hollywood, a new heroine is being born. Her name is Isaura. She’s from Mozambique, can breathe underwater and talk to turtles, and wants to save the planet. Read More >>

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This Bizarre-Looking Synthesiser Plays Music Using a Vibrating Ruler

If you ever entertained your fellow students at school (while annoying teachers) with an impromptu performance involving twanging a metal ruler hanging off the edge of a desk, then you already have a firm grasp of how Dmitry Morozov’s latest creation works. It’s a synthesizer built around office supplies, and it sounds as unique and bizarre as it looks. Read More >>

How to Watch Samsung Announce All its New Devices at Galaxy Unpacked

Today is the day of Galaxy Unpacked, when we can finally stop talking about rumours and leaks for the Galaxy Note 20, Tab S7, Watch 3, Buds Live, and the Z Fold2. Because they're being announced on stage for us all, and it gives us a few days of breathing room before we start hearing stuff about the Galaxy S21 - or whatever next year's model is going to be called. Read More >>

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Every Ship in the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy in Under 5 Minutes

What can we say? We love starships around these parts. And thankfully, this new Star Wars video is very, very heavy on the starships. Read More >>

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A Third Chapter in One of Animation’s Greatest Franchises Is On the Way

Oh wow, a highly anticipated third film in a big-time animated franchise? What could it be? The Incredibles? There are two of those. A third FrozenThat would make senseThe Secret Life of Pets 3? Dare to dream. Read More >>

Creepy Doll Annabelle Is Just as Restless in Quarantine as Everyone Else

The Conjuring breakout star/creepy, creepy doll Annabelle is facing her own sort of quarantine: unable to shoot more spooky movies, she’s forced to live on the New Line Cinema lot, more or less entirely alone. How has she been coping? According to this filmed short, about as well as everyone else. Which is to say: could be better. Read More >>

Always Take the Wizard’s Staff, You Idiots!

People of Rohan, if someone asks you to take a wizard’s staff, you say yes! Read More >>

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Take a Brief Vacation From Reality With These 6 Short Sci-Fi and Horror Films

Dreaming of other planets, other realities, or other timelines? So far, 2020 has us wishing we could be literally anywhere else. Here’s a temporary escape hatch: these awesome new short films, all of which share glimpses of a future where so much more has gone wrong. At least we aren’t there... yet? Read More >>

Lockdown Creation Host Shows What Happens When You Get Zoom Bombed by a Demon

Remember found footage horror? As 2020 continues to take its toll on traditional filmmaking, movies like Host aren’t wasting any time on sparking a new wave of DIY creation. It’s about a group of friends who meet up over Zoom for a séance – a fun little distraction during quarantine. Right? WRONG! Read More >>

Watch Raiders of the Lost Ark in Black and White, With No Dialogue and a Trent Reznor Score

Here’s a throwback for those who missed this. Steven Soderbergh once created a black and white cut of the classic Indiana Jones flick, Raiders of the Lost Ark. With no dialogue. And a score from Nine Inch Nail’s Trent Reznor. And you can still watch it. Read More >>