Fossil’s New Smartwatch Is Just the Thing Pebble Fans Have Been Waiting For

It’s a truth universally known to smartwatch reviewers that inevitably, a Pebble fan will eulogise their faithful but dying smartwatch in your inbox, comments, and DMs. Never mind that Pebble bit the dust years ago. These loyal diehards are genuinely, rightfully bereft, holding on to ageing devices because the other options right now are either too fancy, too expensive, or too fitness-focused. Read More >>

This Body Heat-Powered Smartwatch May Never Die, But it Made Me Want To

There are two camps when it comes to smartwatch battery life: Those who don’t care at all (Apple Watch stans) and those who care a whole friggin’ lot. For the latter, Matrix Industries’ PowerWatch Series 2 seems like a dream. Powered by both body heat and solar energy, it’s the fitness smartwatch that never runs out of battery so long as you keep wearing it. Read More >>

Apple, Please Don’t Cram Stuff Into the Apple Watch Band

If patents are to be believed, Apple is potentially mulling moving wireless antennas into the bands of future Apple Watches. The idea is, doing so would free up space in the watch case for other components. This sounds great on paper, and while of course I’d love to see a bigger battery in the Apple Watch, I’m begging you, Apple – please, don’t do it. Read More >>

Maybe Don’t Get Too Excited Just Yet Over Google Buying Fitbit

Last Friday, Google plunked down $2.1 billion to acquire Fitbit. If you’ve been paying attention to wearables, the news wasn’t exactly a surprise. Google has been hobbling along in the smartwatch space for what feels like eons, and despite Fitbit shelling out $23 million to buy Pebble in 2017, its foray into smartwatches has been a mixed bag. It’s only natural that Google, with its deep pockets and a seemingly renewed interest in wearables, would extend a “helping hand” to a struggling giant. Fitbit gets some much-needed cash, and Google gets a beloved brand with hardware know-how, an active user base of 28 million, and a wealth of data. The deal looks smart on paper, but I’m not sold that buying Fitbit will miraculously solve Google’s wearables problem. Read More >>

Fossil Dips Back Into Hybrids With a Feature Filled Watch I Might Wear

In the world of smartwatches, Fossil is best known for being Google’s main partner for Wear OS watches. Today, it’s taking a step out from Google’s shadow with a new hybrid analogue watch, the Hybrid HR. And, as the name suggests, the Hybrid HR adds integrated heart rate monitoring, plus a hybrid display that smartwatch fans can actually appreciate. Read More >>

Timex Turns Its Back on the Smartwatch Trend and Revives a Classic ’80s Digital Watch Instead

As watchmakers scramble to jump on the smartwatch bandwagon and attempt to steal a sliver of market share away from Apple, Timex has decided to take the opposite approach. The company has dug into its archives and revived the T80, an iconic digital watch from the ‘80s whose only smart feature is retro styling. Read More >>

OnePlus Rumoured to Be Working on a Wearable to Launch Alongside the OnePlus 8

After toying with the idea of a smartwatch in the past, OnePlus could finally be making one. Read More >>

Google Buys Fitbit, Your Data, and a Wearable OS That Doesn’t Suck

For a long time, it’s felt like Google has left the fate of its smartwatch and wearable platform — Wear OS — to third-party device makers like Fossil. But that’s all about to change now that Google has agreed to acquire wearable giant Fitbit. Read More >>

Here They Are, the Dumbest Smart Glasses

It’s hard to stay focused on a task when even the watch you’re wearing can distract you with video games and internet access. But a company called Narbis has come up with a smart device that promises to keep you focused by physically preventing you from seeing the distractions all around you. Read More >>

Sheertex, Maker of Unbreakable Tights, Now Makes Shoes Because Why Not

In case you’ve ever wanted a pair of shoes made from the same material as bulletproof vests and ‘unbreakable tights,’ well, I have good news. Sheertex is coming out with a knit shoe that supposedly has a strength-to-weight ratio that’s eight times stronger than steel. Read More >>

Maybe This Is How We Finally Get a Pixel Watch

Looks like Google is getting ready for a serious dive back into wearables. Both Reuters and CNBC are reporting that Alphabet, Google’s parent company, has made an offer to acquire Fitbit. Yes, that Fitbit. Read More >>

This Garmin Smartwatch Is a Beast That Doesn’t Have a Real Reason to Exist

Most smartwatches are aimed at couch potatoes who aspire to be kind of active – but not all. Some are destined to be ugly, chunky, fitness machines. They’re jam-packed with every sensor imaginable and built for a specific fitness freak. You know, that insufferable gym rat bulging with high-definition muscles you thought were specifically reserved for Chris Hemsworth. The kind of monster that opts for a six-count burpee while the rest of your class struggles – just because they can. They waltz into the office Monday morning, talking about how they crushed that 13-mile hike over the weekend on a straight 90-degree incline. Listening to their fitness routine is enough to send you into a coma. The Garmin Fenix 6X Pro Solar Edition is made for that person. Read More >>

Apple Patent Hints at AR Glasses With Transition-Like Lenses

If rumours are to be believed, we could be seeing augmented reality glasses from Apple sometime in 2020. That kind of hearsay is bolstered by a newly-released patent application, in which Apple describes a “head-mounted device with an adjustable opacity system.” Read More >>

The Vatican Just Announced a ‘Smart Cross’ Wearable That Tracks Prayer Progress

The Vatican has just unveiled a 'Click To Pray eRosary' that contains its very own 'smart cross'. Read More >>

Does My Smartwatch’s Sleep Tracker Actually Do Anything?

For most of my adult life, I didn’t really think about sleep: It was just an activity that my body required, for about six to eight hours a night, in order to not feel like garbage the next day. Rarely did I pause to consider the quality of my rest or whether my sleep patterns were “normal.” That is, until I was gifted a Fitbit Charge 3. Read More >>