Paramount Ranch, Location For HBO’s Westworld and Countless Movies, Burns to the Ground

Paramount Ranch has been the location of countless movies and TV shows over the past 90 years, including the HBO sci-fi western Westworld. But that history has sadly turned to ash over the past 24 hours, engulfed by the flames of the Woolsey wildfire that’s devastating Southern California right now. Read More >>

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This Video Examines Westworld’s Second Season and the Art of Narrative Stalling

Writing a complex ensemble cast in an ongoing television show is tricky. Sometimes, you want to build up the major conflict, but you just... can’t let it happen. It’s a problem. Read More >>

The Handmaid’s Tale and Westworld Score Big in This Year’s Emmy Nominations

The 70th Emmys are upon us, which means its time for some of the biggest hits in genre entertainment on television to get their nods—and they’ve done so in spades this year, with tons of nominations for Westworld, The Handmaid’s Tale, and more. Read More >>

Faking My Westworld Fandom Was So Easy, I Almost Forgot I Was a Fraud

Reading The Ringer’s recent review of Hereditary’s Wikipedia page, I thought I’d found another opportunity to do my favourite thing. Everyone’s favourite thing. The activity that the internet seems to have been designed for: acting self-righteous. Read More >>

The Westworld Finale Was a Beautiful, Bonkers Mess

Crazy twists! Shocking murders! Secret hosts! The ultimate Bernard vs. Dolores showdown! If those are the things you loved about watching Westworld, Monday night's season two finale had to be immensely satisfying. If you wanted everything to make sense, well… maybe not so much. Read More >>

Westworld Approaches Its Endgame With Death, Tragedy, and a Few Major Revelations

If you watch Westworld for the shocks, last night’s instalment couldn’t have disappointed you. And, while it didn’t reach the heights of last week’s phenomenal episode, which told an epic love story that had been lying in the margins of the main narrative, “Vanishing Point” told a story of self-obsession and lovelessness instead. Read More >>

Turns Out Westworld Has a Heart After All

This week’s Westworld, “Kiksuya,” brought an oft-seen but mostly-silent supporting character into the spotlight, and used his incredible story to give us new perspective on the Hosts’ awareness. It was a poetic, and frankly rather refreshing, detour from the show’s main narrative. Read More >>

Westworld Just Took a Huge Step Closer to Revealing What’s in the Valley Beyond

Bernard’s been through a lot this season, but things took a turn for the even more intense — while explaining a bit about why his behaviour's been so erratic this season — in “Les Écorchés.” And while we’re now one big step closer to the Valley Beyond... we ain’t there yet. Let’s recap! Read More >>

If You Want More of Westworld’s Shōgun World, Watch These 7 Movies

Season two of Westworld has ventured into several new settings — including Shōgun World, a highly anticipated reveal since it was teased at the end of season one. The park recreates Japan’s Edo period with some heavy-handed nods to the Wild West — and unsurprisingly, the show’s creators drew inspiration from classic samurai films, as well as spaghetti Westerns. Want to spend more time in those vast cinematic worlds? Here are seven titles to get you started. Read More >>

Westworld Is Finally Pulling It Together, in More Ways Than One

After last week’s fun but not particularly interesting introduction to Shogun World, I was just about ready to announce that Westworld was officially in a sophomore slump. Not that it was bad, mind you; it just hasn’t grabbed me like its first season did. I am happy to report that after “Phase Space” this is no longer the case — and that’s not just because of that major last minute reveal. (Although it sure helped.) Read More >>

Westworld’s Shōgun World Was Everything I Expected It to Be, But Not Much Else

It’s the episode we’ve all been waiting for since the season one finale, but it turns out Shōgun World faces a unique problem that I wasn’t expecting, and it wasn’t the ninjas, tyrannical lords, or even “cop-killer” samurai that fill the park. It’s that compared to Westworld, and all the care that Delos and Dr Ford put into creating it, Shōgun World sort of sucks. Read More >>

A Westworld Actress Says Fans Keep ‘Mansplaining’ the Show to Her

For the past year, Westworld actress Shannon Woodward has been inundated with fans sharing their own theories. So much so, some have been implying that a star of the show knows less than they do. Read More >>

The Secrets of Westworld Are Beginning to Spill Out

To say that Westworld finally gave (well, confirmed) answers to a few of its biggest mysteries seems almost like a lie. It isn’t, though—we finally learned (at least part of) why Delos funded the park—but the show immediately piled on so many more mysteries it almost doesn’t feel like an answer. But let’s take a good look at the surprising revelations we got—because there were plenty. Read More >>

This Clever Westworld Sleuth Found the ‘Raj’ Park Months Ago, and There’s Still More to Uncover

Westworld’s latest park reveal may have seemed like a surprise to many viewers, but there have been hints about Park 6 for months. Of course, they weren’t easy to find, but someone did. We’ve got an interview with the fan who first came across the code to “the Raj,” and what he’s since found that hints at the future of Westworld. Read More >>

That Was a Most Violent and Delightful Westworld

Last week, we got our first extended look at human life outside Westworld. This week, on “Virtù e Fortuna,” we finally got a peek at some of Delos’ long-hinted-at other parks, with callbacks to reveals in the season one finale and the season two premiere. Violent delights abound, of course. Read More >>