Neverspoons App Highlights Your Nearest Non-Wetherspoon Pub

Everyone's promise never to darken a Wetherspoon pub again has been made a little easier by an app calling itself Neverspoons, designed to find independent pubs in the vicinity of each Wetherspoon factory outlet so you don't have to fund Tim Martin's lifestyle in any way. Read More >>

Pigs in Blankets Shortage Ruins Christmas at Wetherspoons

Wetherspoons diners expecting pigs in blankets with the festive-themed meals currently dehydrating under the heat lamps are being left disappointed, as the pub's now serving simple plain "sausages" alongside its Christmas foods due to a shortage of the popular wrapped sausage savoury treat. Read More >>

Wetherspoon’s Adds Fake Meat Vegan Burger to its Menu

Everyone's favourite pub-of-last-resort has hopped on the meat-like vegan burger bandwagon and added its own version to their menu. Read More >>

No You Can’t Have a Receipt for Your 11:58am Wetherspoons Business Breakfast

Sad old people gaming the system by having a cheap breakfast and infinite cups of tea for a three-hour lunch session may no longer go home with proof of their winning, as pub chain Wetherspoons has stopped handing out receipts for purchases unless specifically asked. Read More >>

Spoilsport Lawyers To Make Twitter Unmask The Wetherspoons Two

The high court has given Twitter until mid-January to reveal who's behind two Wetherspoons parody accounts, after people lacking in critical thinking skills believed they were real. Read More >>

Wetherspoons Kicks Out More Foreign-Sounding Booze

That man who owns those pubs is getting political again, with Mr Wetherspoon demanding his suppliers source more British-sounding alcohols instead of your bloody foreign rubbish like Courvoisier and Jägermeister. It's not racism, of course, because you can't be racist to objects and also because drinks sourced from outside the EU are cheaper and taste better, says the JDW owner. Read More >>

Apparently Wetherspoons Used to be Accepting of Dogs, but No Longer

Here's a weird little story to finish off your Friday. Apparently Weatherspoons has just announced that from 10th September it'll be strictly enforcing a "no dogs policy" in all 936 pubs. With the exception of guide dogs, naturally. Frankly I had no idea that Wetherspoons was ok with dogs being allowed inside, and it's a little weird that a national chain like this would have to say "oi, no dogs" in 2018. Read More >>

Wetherspoons Ditches French Champagne in Latest Brexit Sulk

Annoyingly political pub chain Wetherspoons and its annoyingly political owner Tim Martin have decided to Brexit the drinks menu ahead of the UK's departure from the EU, although the changes are all to do with trade rules and cheaper imports, not randomly hating foreign people and the stuff they make, promises Tim. Read More >>

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Wetherspoons Decides it Needs to Personally Save Society by… Ditching Social Media?

When you think of companies that do whatever they can to set a good example to the general public, you'll think of companies that actually spend a load of money and do good things - even if their reasoning is inherently selfish and serves some sort of business goal like Apple investing in its own renewable energy production. You're not likely to think of Wetherspoons, which is more associated with drunken fighting and selling you dodgy steaks. Read More >>

Now Wetherspoons is Offering ‘Romantic’ Valentine’s Meals for the Low Price of £20

Earlier this week Greggs announced that it would be accepting Valentine's Day bookings at five locations, for couples who want to spend the evening together eating pasties and doughnuts. Now Wetherspoons has announced it's doing something similar, charging couples £20 for a romantic meal. Read More >>

Wetherspoons Protests Tax By Giving Everyone Even Cheaper Food and Drink

Ah, J.D. Wetherspoon. Not exactly the hallmark of quality, but it is the one true home of the Cheap Night Out. Read More >>

15,000 UK Pubs are Slashing Pints and More by 7.5 Per Cent Today

It's Wednesday, and arriving at the halfway point of the week means it's now officially acceptable to sneak in a cheeky lunchtime pint. Read More >>

Are We Responsible Enough for a Motorway Pub?

The UK's first motorway service station pub is now ready for business, with budget burger and booze trough Wetherspoons opening its Hope and Champion pub at junction two of the M40. A welcoming break in a familiar atmosphere, or a deadly temptation to make long trips whizz past quicker by getting hammered? Read More >>