IFA 2019
IFA 2019: There’s Something More Powerful Than Qi Wireless Charging and It Could Soon Power Your Blender

My kitchen is cramped, and chances are yours is too. That’s why the Wireless Power Consortium is pushing its new Ki cordless kitchen standard at IFA – so one day we can power all our kitchen appliances directly from the countertop. Read More >>

This Company Claims to Have Invented an AirPower-like Charging Mat That Actually Works

Announced when Apple added wireless charging to the iPhone, the AirPower charging pad was never to see the light of day. The company was vague about why the product never panned out, simply claiming it did not achieve Apple’s high standards. Everyone assumed that if a company that spends billions on R&D couldn’t crack the tech, no one could, but it looks like a small outfit has at least come close. Read More >>

Mophie’s 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Pad Isn’t AirPower, But It’ll Have to Do

When Apple announced that its promised multi-device AirPower charging pad had officially been cancelled, people immediately began wondering what might take its place. After all, just because Apple had given up, that didn’t mean people didn’t want a simple and convenient way to recharge a range of Apple products. Read More >>

Xiaomi’s Next Flagship Phone Could Feature Reverse Wireless Charging

Xiaomi's next flagship handset could feature reverse wireless charging if the code in the MIUI beta is anything to go by. Read More >>

Apple Has Discovered Reverse Wireless Charging, It Seems

Having just joined the 21st century by adding wireless charging to its phones, Apple is apparently now doubling down and adding reverse wireless charging too. Read More >>

Aussie Apple Website Briefly Shows New AirPower Mat

Not much slips through the tightly-closed fist that is Apple's product development department, but it seems we might have got lucky just this once. Read More >>

wireless charging
Qualcomm Quick Charge Now Works With Wireless

Since wireless charging is finally trendy (because Apple finally implemented it), Qualcomm has announced a new version of its Quick Charge tech that works with wireless. Read More >>

ces 2019
The 13 Coolest Things We Saw at CES This Year

Several people on the ground at CES in Las Vegas told me that it was a down year. I’d argue that it was just plain boring. But that doesn’t mean that there weren’t some neat gadgets in the mix. In fact, a baker’s dozen of them were just plain amazing. Read More >>

CES 2019: Powercast’s Wireless Joy-Con Chargers Make Me Giddy For The Wireless Charging Future

I don't personally own any wireless charging products, but I always get excited when I see other people's. There's a wireless phone charging pad I keep seeing looks like a cool magic summoning circle, and I cannot get that piece of nerdy tech into my life fast enough. However, it seems like the first wireless charging device I might find in my home could actually be for my Switch Joy-Cons. Read More >>

Apple AirPower Never Showed Up, But This Charging Mat Is a Solid Substitute

Once upon a time, legend told of a magical charging pad that could power up a smartphone, watch, and wireless earbuds all at the same time. Reports from locals who claimed to have seen it even mentioned that it bore a mark that looked like half-eaten fruit. However, despite all the prophecies and rumours, no one has been able to show proof of such a device actually existing. So armed with a dream and some gadgets, I set out on a quest to find that mythical wireless charging pad. Read More >>

Wireless Charging Still Isn’t Fast Enough for the OnePlus 6T

So yesterday was the day the OnePlus 6T arrived, showing off what has changed since the launch of the OnePlus 6 back in May. A few common phone features are still missing, though, and among them is wireless charging. Despite the glass back of the 6 and 6T, neither devices lets you put your phone on a special mat to recharge. According to OnePlus CEO Pete Lau that's because it's simply too slow. Read More >>

The Pixel 3 Won’t Wirelessly Charge at Max Speed Except on Google-Approved Chargers

If you’re considering getting one of Google’s new Pixel 3 devices, beware: Unless you use a Google-certified accessory, wireless fast charging will only work at half of the phone’s maximum 10 watt charging speed. Read More >>

No Seriously, Where the Hell Is AirPower?

So Apple’s annual autumn iPhone event has come and gone, and while the company introduced updates to its main iPhone and Apple Watch offerings, there was so much more we were expecting that simply didn’t make it. What happened to iPad Pros with FaceID, AirPods with wireless charging, or the long rumoured affordable MacBook revamp? But even among all those questions, there was one omission that seemed even more glaring: Where the hell is AirPower? Read More >>

Did Amazon Just Accidentally Confirm Samsung’s Unreleased Dual-Wireless Charger?

Amazon is really good at making it easy to buy stuff online, however it seems the company isn’t all that great at keeping secrets. That’s because last night at an Amazon Christmas press preview event, among the hundreds of products it was trying to push as we slowly approach peak gifting season, the company had one unannounced product just sitting out on the shelves for anyone to come take a look at. Read More >>