Xiaomi Launches Its Entry-Level Redmi 7A With a Big Range of Features for Such a Tiny Price

Xiaomi has announced the Redmi 7A - a budget smartphone that doesn't scrimp on features. Read More >>

Xiaomi’s Foldable Smartphone Gets New Renders to Give Us a Glimpse of What It Might Look Like

Xiaomi's foldable smartphone gets new renders based on a new patent application and it looks pretty swish. Read More >>

Samsung’s Newest Smartphone Camera Will Reportedly Feature in the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 First

Samsung and Xiaomi have teamed up to create a swanky new smartphone camera that will reportedly make its debut on the Xiaomi Mix 4. Read More >>

Xiaomi’s Next Flagship Phone Could Feature Reverse Wireless Charging

Xiaomi's next flagship handset could feature reverse wireless charging if the code in the MIUI beta is anything to go by. Read More >>

Xiaomi’s Mi Smart Band 4 Is Bigger, Better, and Launches This Summer

If you want a fitness tracker but don't necessarily fancy dropping a couple hundred quid on something fancy, you're in luck; Xiaomi is launching its Mi Smart Band 4 in the UK this summer for just £35. Read More >>

Xiaomi Launches Its Mid-Range Mi 9 SE in the UK Today

The Mi 9's little brother has arrived in the UK today. A compact little bastard, the Mi 9 SE sports a 5.97 inch AMOLED Dot Drop display compared to the Mi 9's 6.39 inches, and you can pick it up for less than £400. Read More >>

Oppo and Xiaomi Debut the First Under-Display Selfie Cameras

Whether it's notches or a hole-punch, front-facing smartphone cameras are greedy little screen-hoggers, smugly taking up display real-estate just because they know we can't live without them. Well not anymore, if Oppo and Xiaomi have anything to say about it. Read More >>

There’s a New Video of Xiaomi’s Foldable Phone

Xiaomi has posted a ten-second teaser video for its new foldable phone, apparently called the Mi Fold. Read More >>

MWC 2019: Xiaomi’s Foldable Phone is Still a Work in Progress

Earlier today Xiaomi held a press conference tied into MWC, which is set to officially begin this coming Monday. On the agenda was the Mi 9, Mi Mix 3 5G, and some fancy LED lightbulbs, but not the foldable phone we saw a video of back in January. A lot of people wondered what was up with that, especially since Huawei went and announced their foldable phone just a few hours later. In turns out it's not ready yet. Read More >>

MWC 2019: Xiomi’s Mi 9 and Mi Mix 3 5G are Coming to Europe

Xiaomi is at MWC announcing a bunch of new phones for the European market, specifically the Mi 9 and the Mi Mix 3 5G. You may have heard about those already, because Xiaomi has already spilled a lot of details for the Mi 9 for its Chinese launch, and the 4G Mi Mix 3 is here already. Read More >>

Thank God Phones Are Getting Weird Again

Smartphones have been boring for years. They’re just glass rectangles that connect to the internet and take photos. When you rub on the screen, you can do other stuff like text your friends or play music. New smartphones are increasingly bigger and slicker than their predecessors, but really, they all do the same stuff. This year is supposed to bring us something different. This year, phones are getting weird again. Read More >>

Xiaomi’s Mi 9 is a Promising Mid-Range Tease

Since becoming one of China’s most popular smartphone brands, Xiaomi has slowly been gaining steam globally, claiming the top spot in India while also expanding into the Middle East and Europe. Read More >>

Xiaomi Will Launch a Snapdragon-Powered Redmi Flagship This Year

Xiaomi has been busy since announcing that it's turning its Redmi phones into a sub-brand: we've had the announcement of the Redmi Note 7 (yes, they really are releasing a phone called the Note 7 -- what could possibly go wrong?), the budget Redmi Go, and now an as-yet-unnamed Snapdragon flagship. Read More >>

Specs For The New Xiaomi Redmi Go Have Leaked

Interesting news from the Xiaomi phone stable: their upcoming Redmi Go phone won't run the company's MIUI version of Android like the others. Read More >>

Xiaomi is Bringing Back the Early Bird Discount For the Mi Mix 3

The new Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, with its super-cool slide-out camera (to avoid the notch, natch) sold out in under half an hour, partly thanks to the early bird discount the company offered. Read More >>