Mother Who Allegedly Starved and Pepper-Sprayed Her YouTuber Children Dies in Hospital

Warning: This article includes descriptions of sexual and physical abuse of children. Read More >>

How to Watch the Trump Impeachment Hearings Today on YouTube, Facebook, and More

The impeachment hearings against US President Donald Trump start today in Washington, D.C. at 10 am local time, which is 3pm for us. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, we can watch it all unfold on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and more, with our links below. Read More >>

YouTube Deletes “Pick-Up Artist” Accounts Ahead of BBC Shaming

The BBC is about to screen two documentaries investigating grim YouTube "pick-up" channels, so isn't it an enormous coincidence that YouTube has just deleted two of the most notorious purveyors of this entirely wrong sort of advice? Read More >>

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Viral Video Shows Hong Kong Police Shooting Teen Protester in the Chest

Hong Kong Police shot a teen protester in the chest with live ammunition this morning, according to reports from journalists on the ground and a video that has gone viral on Facebook and Twitter. Video of the incident shows a Hong Kong police officer charging a crowd of protesters with his gun before firing a single shot. Read More >>

Sorry, Google Play Music, YouTube Music Is Now Android’s Default Player

It looks like Google’s dessert-themed naming scheme isn’t the only thing getting replaced with Android 10. YouTube Music is kicking Google Play Music aside as Android’s prepackaged music player, YouTube announced on Friday. The app will come bundled with all devices launching with Android 10. Read More >>

YouTube Faces Angry Mob Again, CEO Promises to Rethink New Verification Policy

On Thursday, YouTube rolled out new guidelines for its verification requirements intended to reduce confusion and better highlight artists, celebs, and other creators. However, after backlash from numerous YouTubers who got emails saying their channels would get un-verified, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki promised to reevaluate the company’s recently revamped policy. Read More >>

Huawei’s 2010 Concept Video About the Year 2020 is Super Awkward

When I was a kid, the year 2020 seemed so far away. But now that “the future” is almost here, it’s fun to look back at what we thought 2020 might look like. Huawei, the world’s largest telecommunications company and a lightning rod for controversy in the U.S., had its own idea about what the year 2020 was going to entail. And let’s just say that it’s super awkward. Read More >>

YouTuber Arrested for Trespassing Near Area 51 Just a Week Before Now-Cancelled Viral Event

Police in the American state of Nevada say they arrested a YouTuber and his friend, both from the Netherlands, this week after the pair allegedly defied notices and trespassed at a secure US government site near Area 51. Read More >>

Wildly Popular Kid YouTube Channel Accused of Deceptively Promoting Products to Millions of Children

Over the last three years, a consumer watchdog group has increasingly focused on the deceptive ad campaigns of social media influencers’ who manoeuvre within emerging platforms that are loosely regulated – but now the organisation has turned its attention to how children are being exploited in this field. Read More >>

YouTube Is About to Round Down Creators’ Follower Counts

In May, YouTube let creators know that in the near future, all of them with more than 1,000 subscribers would see their follower counts rounded down. The time has come, and the video-sharing service is rolling out this change throughout September. Read More >>

YouTube, Which Remains Exhaustingly Inconsistent, Reinstates Several Banned Far-Right Channels

YouTube is absolutely capable of keeping white nationalists from hijacking its platform, but is it even remotely interested in doing so? Sigh along with me as we review the site’s latest exploits. Read More >>

Google Agrees to Pay Up to £164.5 Million to Settle Investigation into Children’s Privacy on YouTube: Report

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission is fining Google between $150 million (£123.3 million) and $200 million (£163.5 million) to settle the whole debacle with its subsidiary, YouTube, allegedly breaking children’s privacy law, Politico first reported on Friday. Read More >>

YouTube Bans Anti-Nazi Documentary From 1938 For Violating Hate Speech Policy

“Inside Nazi Germany” is one of the most important anti-Nazi documentaries in history. First released on January 20, 1938, the 15-minute movie became one of the first explicitly anti-Nazi newsreels to play in U.S. cinemas and provided an early glimpse into the Nazi atrocities that would only become fully known to Americans years later. The film, part of the legendary “March of Time” newsreel series, was even chosen for preservation by the Library of Congress in 1993 because it played such an important part in U.S. history. But YouTube recently deleted my upload of the video because the company says it’s in violation of their hate speech policy. Seriously. Read More >>

YouTube is Making a Series of Educational Videos for Kids in Response to Recent Negative Media Coverage

YouTube's head of original content has said that the platform's newly commissioned series of educational videos aimed at kids is in response to criticisms from the media. Read More >>

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The Entire First Season of Cobra Kai is Free to Stream Right Now

Some sequels should not exist. All they can do is ruin the legacy of the original. However, every once in awhile, one of those impossible sequels comes along and doesn’t just live up to expectations, it makes the original better. Read More >>