For Zombieland’s 10th Anniversary, the Traditional Gift Is a Sequel

We’re nearing Zombieland’s tin anniversary, but you don’t have to worry about getting the screenwriters a present. In fact, to celebrate the horror comedy’s 10-year anniversary, they’ve decided to give us something: Another Zombieland. Read More >>

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Equip Yourself With Slingshots For the Zombie Apocalypse

When you think about how you would deal with a zombie invasion, the weapons that come to mind probably don't include slingshots. But if the story of David and Goliath has taught us anything it's that slingshots are pretty deadly. Plus that whole underdog thing. Whatever. Read More >>

Best Halloween Costume: Two iPads Create an Awesome Gaping Hole in Your Gut

A very smart dude by the name of Mark Rober figured out that if you strap two iPads to yourself, you can create this incredible, freaky hole effect. This guy should work for NASA. Oh wait, he does. Read More >>

Parasite Creates Wasp Zombie Queen

Wasps, like most insects have clear roles for each member of the colony. Basically, everybody makes sure the queen is doing OK making babies. Everything works like clockwork until a Svengali-like fly larva takes over a wasp and makes it do its bidding. Read More >>

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Here’s a Map That Shows Where the People Who Google "Zombies" Are From

Apparently the only people who care about zombies are the people who live in developed, populous, Western-with-a-tinge-of-Japan big cities. The rest of the world just doesn't give a crap about the walking dead. Read More >>